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Increase your customer engagement with the WooCommerce Engagement Ring Builder features. Enhance your jewelry website capabilities with our advanced Ring Builder Plugin for WordPress.

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Enjoy Hustle-Free Ring Designing With Our WooCommerce Engagement Ring Builder

Create The Desired Ring With WooCommerce Ring Builder
Step 1: Refine your Setting

Create the Desired Engagement Ring Setting With WooCommerce Engagement Ring Builder

Give your customers the ability to design their Ideal Ring. Use the BYOR (Build Your Own Ring) setting to make their wedding proposals special. They are able to choose from a wide range of ring designs and settings. This covers styles such as Marquise, Solitaire, Pave, and Emerald. Different stone shapes like Round, Oval, and Heart. Also, metals include Platinum, Rose, White, and Yellow Gold.

Select the Desired Loose Diamond WooCommerce
Step 2: Choose The Diamond

Select the Desired Diamond With Best WooCommerce Engagement Ring Builder

After Finalizing the design. It’s time to select the perfect center stone. You can provide your consumers access to 20,000+ diamond selections. Thanks to our Diamond Marketplace inventory integration. Choose a diamond based on its size, shape, stone cut, color, and fashion. This smart feature not only pleases your customers but also allows you to display the diamond options without any extra expenses.

Sit Back and Admire your Beautiful Creation WooCommerce ring builder
Step 3: Relax and Admire

Sit Back and Admire your Beautiful Creation

Relish your unique diamond engagement ring design. We aim to help the clients make the right decisions together. having custom-designed ideal ring for you. Sit back, relax, and immerse yourself in the dazzling beauty of our creations. Each piece has been meticulously designed and crafted to capture the essence of elegance and grace, making it a true masterpiece that will stand the test of time.

Our Beautiful Jewelry Web Design Work
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Enhance User Experience With WooCommerce Engagement Ring Builder

WooCommerce Engagement Ring Builder

WooCommerce engagement ring builder is a popular and trending feature among jewelry websites. This feature increases user engagement by 80%. This WooCommerce plugin allows customers to design and plan their own engagement ring. By giving them various choices, including the style, metal, and stone selection. A jewelry website without this module would appear incomplete and less interactive.

Our Build Your Own Ring feature allows the user to choose from several choices to replace a loose diamond or ring style and set at any time. Also, we keep the entire process interactive and user-friendly with our best UX and UI designs. The Best Jewelry web design with WooCommerce gives your customers the power to create their dream ring.

Building a BYOR feature with seamless functionality is a dedicated process. That involves working with WordPress and WooCommerce. Over time,our team has designed many jewelry websites. We tick all the checkpoints to give you 100% satisfying results.

Maximize Your Jewelry Website Traffic With WooCommerce Product Bundle Choice (WBC)

WooCommerce Product Bundle Choice (WBC)

WooCommerce Product Bundle Choice (WBC) creates product bundles with the following features for WooCommerce Ring Builder:-

  • Ring Builder
  • Pair Maker

Additionally, Rapnet instant inventory integration for your diamond jewelry website. RapNet’s Instant Inventory of Diamonds provides a seamless integration option with the WooCommerce feature of WordPress and its Ring Builder extension. This RapNet plugin or extension for Jewelry WooCommerce Ring Builder will let you easily facilitate the pulling and displaying of diamond feeds on your diamond jewelry websites. This integration is available with our diamond marketplaces as well as Nivoda, VBD etc.

Integrate The RapNet Inventory In Your WordPress Website

Integrate The RapNet jewelry Inventory

Keyideas experts can integrate the RapNet Inventory into your WordPress website to trade CVD diamonds or Lab-grown diamonds. If you have a diamond jewelry website and a RapNet Integration extension installed or bought with the WBC plugin, you can use the WooCommerce plugin to support them.

Keyideas includes WBC in its jewelry website plugin as it is the only WordPress plugin that provides the ‘Ring Builder’ feature for free to WooCommerce or WordPress websites. Keyideas’s main goal is to fill the gap in the WordPress plugin market because there are limited plugins available, particularly for jewelry websites, and to support them with a low financial plan. As Keyideas develops, it will scale large.

Level-Up Your Online Jewelry Store With Our Jewelry Web Development Solutions

Jewelry Website

Clean and clear graphics by UI/UX team

Diamond Integration

Add Nivoda, RapNet, VDB, and other APIs/CSVs

Ring Builder

User can create or build his own Engagement Ring

Diamond Filter

Allows users to select the perfect diamond for their ring

Jewelry Retouching

Highlight strengths, downplay flaws for customer appeal

Jewelry E-commerce

Customized solutions for your online jewelry business growth

Jewelry Marketing

Marketing and SEO Services to grow business 200%

Jewelry Website Pricing

Lower Total Cost Of Ownership & Higher Return on Investment

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FAQ About Keyideas WooCommerce Engagement Ring Builder

Yes, you can add the WooCommerce ring builder to your WooCommerce E-commerce Development website. We give our clients the option to redesign their website with us, which includes all such high-end features. We have multiple packages that you can pick for designing your Jewelry website with Keyideas.
The WooCommerce ring builder gives you a number of options and filters that helps your customer design their perfect dream engagement ring. It includes options like ring style – Solitaire, Pave, Halo, Vintage, Floral, Three stones, etc. Metal : Rose gold, platinum, white gold, gold etc.; shape : round, oval, emerald, etc. Also, they have the option to select their choice of center stone or diamond.
Yes, we have our portfolio of jewelry website store specialists where you can see projects that we have worked on successfully.
Yes, our web designers and developers make sure that all the elements on the website are user-friendly. This BYOR is designed carefully to keep your and your customer’s requirements in place. Follow us to know more about our web development services.
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