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Barkev’s, an emerging jewelry brand in Los Angeles, specializes in engagement and wedding rings, lab-grown diamonds, and other jewelry. Dissatisfied with their existing e-commerce site, they enlisted Keyideas for a redesign.

Keyideas seamlessly migrated Barkevs’ content from Magento 1 to Laravel using the Bagisto framework, resulting in a captivating and secure e-commerce site. The use of Laravel, MySQL, Vue.js, and Figma for UX wireframes surpassed expectations, creating an effective platform to showcase Barkev’s jewelry designs and quality.

Keyideas also incorporated an image retouching feature, leading to increased conversions and user engagement. With over 16 years of experience, Keyideas is well-equipped to handle your dream project.

keyideas work process
keyideas work process mobile

Understanding the User

The ultimate qualifiers in the field of web design are the end users. Thus, it is important to decode every aspect that may affect their overall experience.

About 75% of online customers abandon their cart because of bad UX/UI. Thus, before moving forward with our jewelry website redesigning, we work around understanding the target audience.

A careful user analysis helps to learn about the user and their online search behavior, goals, motives, demands, and weak points. Understanding the user is a step that comes before UX/UI Design because without it, the work is based on assumptions that in real life do not give results. As we say clients’ success is our motto, and it’s reflected in our research process and development.

User Stories Starry-eyed Samuel

User Persona 1

Starry-eyed Samuel

Age: 31

Gender: Male

Occupation: Software Engineer

Samuel is confident, passionate, and romantic. He wants to create a ring as beautiful as his love story but his main difficulty is his lack of understanding in diamond jewelry. So he wants to get educated in the process of purchasing his perfect engagement ring. He also finds the process of ‘build your own engagement ring’ long and overwhelming.

User Stories Perfectionist Pam

User Persona 2

Perfectionist Pam

Age: 29

Gender: Female

Occupation: Data Consultant

Pam is excited, happy, and at the same time nervous about getting married to her long term boyfriend. She has been planning her dream wedding for a long time which makes her nervous sometimes. Therefore, she looks for a narrative and experience as a part of the ring. So, that she could talk about it with her friends & family.

User Stories

A good UX/UI can increase conversions by 200%, so we take it very seriously. Now that we understand the user, it’s time to put ourselves in their shoes and comprehend the path and process they follow until they achieve their desired outcome. Subsequently, our goal in mapping the customer journey is to identify and eliminate obstacles.

Subsequently, the goal of mapping the customer journey is to remove obstacles and make the process efficient and intuitive. However, the more seamless customer journeys are, the better the customer experience will be. In conclusion, it’s all about mapping out the best path for the average customer.

User Stories

Competitive Analysis

Competitor analysis work great when understanding a brand, they also highlight where the brand actually fits with its competitors. On the other hand, we compared Barkevs with a range of brands like James Allen, Brilliant Earth, Blue Nile, Miadonna, Tiffany & Co, etc.

As a result, Barkevs stood some where between James Allen and Brilliant Earth, who are online retailers that also offer customized rings.

Competitive Analysis

Strategic UX Wireframing

Presenting our exquisite wireframes for the jewelry website design. These meticulously crafted blueprints offer a concise glimpse into the layout and functionality of the site.

Each wireframe acts as foundational guide, detailing strategic placement of essential components such as navigation menu, product showcases, search bars, and interactive features.

Barkev's Strategic UX Wireframing
Strategic UX Wireframing Process

Build Your Own Ring

One of the most important feature for any jewelry ecommerce is allowing user to create their ring using best Build Your Engagement Ring, and Diamond Filter feature. Such interactive features increase user engagement by 75%.

We provide a step-by-step process for BYOR which is user friendly. Keeping all instructions and details on the point so that nothing becomes overwhelming. This fuels up their motivation to create something unique for their loved ones.

Barkev Build Your Own Ring

Product Listing Page

Our Jewelry Product Listing Page is a showcase of our exquisite collection, carefully organized for effortless browsing. With stunning imagery and detailed descriptions, customers can explore and find the perfect piece that suits their style.

Our user-friendly filters make discovering that cherished gem easier than ever. Welcome to a world where elegance meets technology, and every click brings you closer to the jewelry of your dreams.

Product Listing

Keyideas Jewelry Website Redesigning Capabilities

Our redesign brings exciting improvements. We’ve picked relatable pictures for the Hero section. The “Build your own ring” feature stands out with clear typography.

We’ve toned down highlight colors for a cleaner look. Plus, we’ve made the design more engaging by adding visuals and reorganizing text. It’s all about making things better for you.

Barkev’s Jewelry Website Redesigning Homepage
Barkev’s Jewelry Website Redesigning Product filter
Barkev’s Jewelry Website Redesigning Product view
Barkev’s Jewelry Website Redesigning cart
Barkev’s Jewelry Website Redesigning Capabilities checkout

Responsive Designs

In revamping Barkev’s e-commerce site, Keyideas emphasized a responsive design for an optimal user experience across diverse devices. This approach ensures seamless exploration of Barkev’s jewelry collection from desktops, laptops, tablets, or smartphones.

The mobile-first strategy enhances accessibility and adapts to various screen sizes, resolutions, and orientations, ensuring the flawless showcase of intricate details in engagement rings and the brilliance of lab-grown diamonds.

Responsive Designs

Powerful Marketing

In our digital marketing strategy for the jewelry website, we focused on strategic SEO to optimize search engine presence. This included keyword research and on-page optimization for better visibility. We also implemented a targeted social media strategy on platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, executed precise paid advertising campaigns, and utilized email marketing to nurture customer relationships. These efforts significantly contributed to the online success and business growth of the jewelry website.

Powerful Marketing
Powerful Marketing mobile
Powerful Marketing statistics mobile


Our journey towards success has yielded remarkable outcomes. We’ve achieved a substantial return on investment (ROI) and significantly improved our website’s SEO, leading to impressive conversion rates and effective lead generation. Our user-friendly jewelry web design simplifies the customer experience, and we proudly extend our services to customers in every state across the United States. By streamlining operations, we’ve optimized staffing levels, and we’re committed to providing comprehensive explanations of our rings to enhance the overall customer journey.

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Jewelry Website

Clean and clear graphics by UI/UX team

Diamond Integration

Add Nivoda, RapNet, VDB, and other APIs/CSVs

Ring Builder

User can create or build his own Engagement Ring

Diamond Filter

Allows users to select the perfect diamond for their ring

Jewelry Retouching

Highlight strengths, downplay flaws for customer appeal

Jewelry E-commerce

Customized solutions for your online jewelry business growth

Jewelry Marketing

Marketing and SEO Services to grow business 200%

Jewelry Website Pricing

Lower Total Cost Of Ownership & Higher Return on Investment

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I had an amazing experience working with Keyideas an excellent team of developers.

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Isaac Gottesman

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We were very pleased with the overall development process that was followed.

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Eric Lucas

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Great team, great project management, and execution skills.

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