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Our Jewelry eCommerce Website Design Process

Our client from Los Angeles, USA required a Laravel based Diamond jewelry e-commerce website. Barkevs is an emerging jewelry brand in California. They specializes in beautiful engagement rings, wedding rings, lab-grown diamonds, and many other jewels.

The client was in search of a jewelry website builder that can migrate the website from Magento 1 to Laravel preferably Bagisto framework. And, also wanted an engaging and appealing jewelry e-commerce website to display their diamonds so that the customers would get the best fitting diamond jewelry in an accessible and secure way. Keyideas developed a lab-grown e-commerce website using Bagisto – a Laravel based framework, and MySQL and the UI framework using Vue.js. Furthermore, our web designers created the website with a sense of the real look of jewelry on your hand. Therefore, after designing numerous websites and handling so many diamond jewelry projects- Keyideas’ expert team has become proficient in managing any assignment. And also, ready to give their best in every project.

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Our Analysis

Before beginning to design a website it’s crucial to understand the product. As it helps solve dilemmas and new product possibilities.

Before designing a website and the product or service, we understand the target audience and employ strategies. However, user analysis helps to learn about the user and their online search behavior, goals, motives, demands, and weak points. Understanding the user is a step that comes after UI Design because. Because without it, the work is based upon assumptions and previous experiences which is not at all fair to the customer. Above all, Keyideas design a website for the clients with the purpose of generating more revenue by drawing more traffic to the website. So, this is all done by creating a user-friendly web design with clean UI and UX.

So, for us, maintaining trust in our online retail jewelers is of the utmost importance. Further, we believe that the success of our clients is our success.

Now that we understand the user its time to put our self in their shoes and understand the path and process they follow until they get what they want. Subsequently, the goal of mapping the customer journey is to remove obstacles and make the process efficient and intuitive. However, the more seamless customer journeys are, the better the customer experience will be. In conclusion, it’s all about mapping out the best path for the average customer.

Competitor analysis work great when understanding a brand, they also highlight where the brand actually fits with its competitors. On the other hand, we compared Barkev’s with range of brands like James Allen, Brilliant Earth, Blue Nile, Miadonna, Tiffany & Co, etc. As a result, Barkev’s stood some where between James Allen and Brillian Earth, who are online retailers that also offer customized rings.

One of the most important feature for any jewelry e-commerce is allowing user to create their own ring using different ring settings, and diamonds. A step-by-step process which is usually considered lengthy by the user, as it can be overwhelming to get through it alone. Above all, their main motivation is to be aware of basics of building your own ring online, so that they can make the right decision.

User Persona #1
barkev-user-persona of jewelry e-commerce website
Starry-eyed Samuel

Age: 31 Gender: Male Occupation: Software Engineer

Samuel is confident, passionate, and romantic. He wants to create a ring as beautiful as his love story but his main difficulty is his lack of understanding in diamond jewelry. So he wants to get educated in the process of purchasing his perfect engagement ring. He also finds the process of ‘build your own engagement ring’ long and overwhelming.

User Persona #2
barkaves-user-persona-2 of jewelry e-commerce website
Perfectionist Pam

Age: 29 Gender: Female Occupation: Data Consultant

Pam is excited, happy, and at the same time nervous about getting married to her long term boyfriend. She has been planning her dream wedding for a long time which makes her nervous sometimes. Therefore, she looks for a narrative and experience as a part of the ring. So, that she could talk about it with her friends & family.

user-stories of jewelry e-commerce website
competitive-analysis of jewelry e-commerce website
build-your-own-ring from jewelry e-commerce website

Keyideas User Interface Redesign Capabilities

gradient-img of jewelry e-commerce website

Jewelry eCommerce Website Solution – Strengthen Trust

Web design is mandatory when it comes to selling jewelry online. Every jeweler wants to showcase their best of best jewelry collection to lure new customers. So, Keeping this in mind Keyideas employs a creative design and is up to the client’s needs. We try to build an emotional connection between the client and users via engaging websites and setting users up for expectation to build trust.

mobile-views of jewelry e-commerce website

Jewelry eCommerce Website Solution – Educating the Customer

Basic education about a piece of jewel or an engagement ring is necessary while purchasing. As this is a general industry practice, though, most of the websites have it as a separate section, sometimes hidden away in the footer. We wanted to give education but also direct customers to the design page while we have their attention.

Synopsis – Jewelry E-Commerce Website

In the agreed period sprint, we delivered a modern, engaging, and elegant website to our Los Angeles client.

So, our team enjoyed the challenge of developing a meaningful online jewelry e-commerce website for such a big part of people’s lives. We acquired more knowledge about what converts visitors into potential customers. Also, what it takes to bring the peculiar in-store experience into the online website.

For the further steps, we focused on designing responsive screens for cell phones, laptops, and other gadgets to ensure that the website is mobile-friendly. It is critical to make sure the on-boarding test will be clear enough to view on cell phones. It assures the user experience is compatible with both desktop and mobile platforms.

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