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Project Brief

From 2009 to 2015, Window Solutions Plus was amid a challenging online business condition that quadrupled in size. The key element of success was a never-ending drive to deliver exceptional quality and superior customer service.

Keyideas expert team of web designers and developers created a website using WordPress plugins and PHP programming. Also including MySQL for database management for our Connecticut, the United States-based home repair and remodeling service provider, Windows Solution Plus client.

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Wireframes: Bridging Vision to Reality

In the development of Window Solutions Plus’s website, the journey began with the meticulous creation of wireframes. These blueprints seamlessly bridged conceptual vision to tangible reality, ensuring that the user interface and experience were strategically mapped out before the first line of code.

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Listing & Filters: Navigating Choices with Ease

The product listing page and filters became a compass for users seeking home repair and remodeling services. Designed with intuitive precision, they provided a seamless navigation experience. Users could effortlessly explore the series of quality, durability, pricing, and specialized services, making their journey through services both informative and efficient.

Listing & Filters: Navigating Choices with Ease

Detail Page and Product Customizations

The detail page became a focal point for presenting detailed information about home repair and remodeling services. We incorporated customizations that allowed users to explore product details, understand the offered services, and make informed decisions.

By aligning the website’s functionality with the client’s demand for service-specific information, we created a platform that empowered users to engage meaningfully with the offerings.

Wsp Product Detail Page
Wsp Detail Page and Product Customizations

Window Solutions Plus’s Journey to Scalability

Embarking on a journey of exponential growth, Window Solutions Plus transformed challenges into triumphs. By prioritizing simplicity, superior service, and seamless navigation, we propelled the business into a new era of scalability and success.

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Mega Menu

Implementing a mega menu, we revolutionized the website’s navigation. This user-friendly feature provided an organized and efficient way for visitors to access a wide array of services, ensuring a smoother journey through the website.

The mega menu not only enhanced user convenience but also contributed to the scalability of the site as Window Solutions Plus continued to grow.

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Responsive Designs

Our responsive web design strategy aimed to provide a wonderful user experience across all devices. Recognizing the increasing use of mobile devices, we prioritized mobile-first design to accommodate the growing number of cell phone users.

This strategic approach not only made the website visually appealing but also resulted in a significant reduction in bounce rates, indicating improved user engagement.

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The results of our efforts were transformative. Window Solutions Plus experienced an increased website ranking in search engines, a surge in website traffic with new users, and positive customer ratings and reviews. The content designed for easy understanding played a crucial role in enhancing user comprehension and, in turn, the overall success of the website.

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