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Vestas is the energy industry’s global partner on sustainable energy solutions. They designed, manufactured, installed, and serviced wind turbines across the globe. The client required an agency that had extensive experience in building energy industry website & in handling huge data inputs and complex mathematical calculations on that data.

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Sector Industrial

Technologies ASP.NET

Location Aarhus, Denmark


  • The web front should have a simple energy industry website design with more focus on user convenience in data viewing and comparison.
  • Vendors would need to just upload an Excel file in a pre-decided format with their quotes for any ongoing project. Also, the system should be able to parse the file, store data in the database, and reject files with corrupted data or ill-formatted files.
  • Imported excel file data should match against predetermined measurement units and currency accepted. In case of a disparity, there should be appropriate conversion and notified to the vendor.
  • Vendors should be able to compare their bids to their competitors and the set benchmark by the company.
  • Compared data should be excel exportable.
  • A special reporting manager that compares bids against bids, bids against benchmarks, and evaluates different aspects of a bid and benchmark via pie charts and bar charts (as chosen by the vendor).
  • All imports and comparisons follow all business logic as set up by the company.


  • Excel import files may be upwards of 8 sheets per workbook and each sheet may contain thousands of rows of raw data. The system must parse all that correctly and speedily making conversions as needed.
  • Apart from the obvious difficulty some logic may pose in being coded, the bigger issue may be hiding the complexity from laymen users. The vendors may know the logic well enough but will trust the numbers as put forward by the software; those numbers need to be accurate every time.
  • Reports and charts need to derive data from enormous sources and need to depict results correctly.
  • A vendor may not upload all prices at once or might not even provide all products and services. The system needs to recognize what’s a half-filled quote and what’s a quotation with fewer services.
  • Furthermore, the quotation will be spread out in multiple tales and hence needs an exceptional mapping design to keep track and traverse through the database faster.
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The team did an extensive study of all submitted file formats, logic documents, and company standards. Various meetings with the client were conducted and each aspect was written in algorithms with the client’s presence and input. Development work began after both sides were content with the proposed inference of business logic to code.

  • Web front is a simple energy industry website design with all the necessary features a vendor may need.
  • It was developed using ASP.NET with C# and employs an Entity Framework 6 mapping to the database for faster processing.
  • Vendor’s files are checked against standard format checks and files are rejected on disparity no matter how insignificant.
  • All data entered is saved based on a level-by-level breakdown as setting up by the company.
  • The benchmarking section shows company benchmarks for the selected project and is further filtered by location. Data is represented against cost per unit and vendors can update it with the units they wish to provide. Costs are recalculated to show them the new benchmark price.
  • The internal offer comparison can be used to compare the prices of any two vendors against the same project in the same location. Results show both vendor’s prices, average benchmark prices, and are color-coded for easier depiction in disparity.
  • TThe higher price is coded with red background color and the corresponding lower price with a yellow color. Two same prices are shown in blue background with the remaining price coded red if it is higher than both.
  • All results are single-click Excel exportable. Excels follow a set format and multi-sheet per workbook exports.


The system was delivered to the client within the agreed development and testing period. The system has been successfully installed at their servers where it serves as the primary means for any vendor to quotations. It handles calculations for multi-billion dollar projects accurately regardless of how many unique bids are made.

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