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Project Brief

Vestas, a global sustainability leader, sought our expertise to revolutionize their energy industry platform. Tasked with designing a user-centric website, our objective was to streamline the intricate process of vendor quotations and benchmark evaluations. Facing challenges like parsing multi-sheet Excel files and ensuring accuracy in complex calculations, we proposed robust solutions.

Our team meticulously studied file formats, collaborated on algorithmic representations of business logic, and developed a sophisticated ASP.NET solution. The resulting energy industry website not only met but exceeded expectations, providing Vestas with a powerful tool for managing multi-billion dollar projects with ease and precision.

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Objectives: Transforming Energy Procurement

Vestas set out to revolutionize energy procurement with the objective of creating a user-friendly platform. The primary focus was on facilitating seamless data viewing and empowering vendors to compare bids efficiently.

The goal was to enhance the overall efficiency of the procurement process, allowing for intuitive navigation and insightful bid evaluations. The energy industry website aimed to streamline vendor interactions and project assessments, contributing to Vestas’ commitment to sustainability and global leadership in renewable energy solutions.


Challenges: Navigating Complexity with Precision

The Vestas project encountered multifaceted challenges during its development. Handling extensive, multi-sheet Excel files posed a substantial hurdle, demanding accurate parsing and processing. Balancing intricate calculations with user-friendly interfaces required an innovative approach to ensure laymen users understood the system’s complexities.

Deriving precise data for comprehensive reports and charts from enormous sources presented a unique set of obstacles. Additionally, accommodating half-filled quotes and quotations with fewer services demanded an exceptional mapping design for efficient tracking and traversal through the database.


Solution: Innovating with ASP.NET

Confronting challenges head-on, our team embraced ASP.NET excellence for Vestas. An in-depth study of file formats and collaborative client sessions translated complex business logic into efficient algorithms.

Leveraging ASP.NET’s power, the energy industry website now features a robust backend with C# implementation. Entity Framework 6 mapping expedites database processing, ensuring standard format checks and accurate parsing for vendor files. This innovative solution enhances precision, offering Vestas an agile platform for streamlined energy processes.


Crafting an Adaptive Experience: Responsive Design

In our mission to overhaul Vestas’ energy industry platform, responsive design played a pivotal role. Understanding the diverse devices users might employ, we ensured the website’s adaptability across smartphones, tablets, and desktops. Embracing a mobile-first approach, the layout seamlessly adjusted to varying screen sizes, preserving functionality and aesthetics.

This responsive design guarantees accessibility and usability, empowering users to engage with Vestas’ intricate vendor quotation and benchmark evaluation processes effortlessly, regardless of the device they choose.



The culminated Vestas project yielded an exceptional energy website, now the cornerstone for vendor quotations. Delivered within the agreed period, it navigates intricate calculations seamlessly, empowering Vestas in multi-billion dollar projects. The user-friendly interface, coupled with single-click Excel export, streamlines procurement. Vestas now stands fortified as a global leader in sustainable energy solutions, its commitment showcased through innovative energy processes. This success testifies to the transformative power of our collaboration, solidifying Vestas’ vision in the dynamic realm of renewable energy.

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