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Selling Jewelry Online Heres 5 Tips To Help You Increase Your Sales Selling Jewelry Online Heres 5 Tips To Help You Increase Your Sales

Increase Online Sales6 Tips To Help Jewelry Retailers

08 Sep, 20226 mins read


Selling Jewelry Online? If you’re a jewelry retailer and thinking of launching a website, or if you’re an online jewelry business that already has a website and is looking for ways to get more online sales, then this article is for you. The tips we will cover include:

  • Make Sure Your Jewelry Website Uses High-Performing SEO.
  • Utilize Relevant Keywords In Your Product Descriptions
  • Use Visuals That Have Wow-Effects
  • Create Brand’s Social Media Presence
  • Seek Professional Approach For Your Jewelry Website Design
  • Build Your Brand

Before we explore these tips let’s briefly discuss why having an online store is a requirement for modern retail.

Online Jewelry Retail Is The New Normal

Consumers are leaving brick-and-mortar shops in droves to conduct more of their buying from the comfort and convenience of their smartphones. Online retail purchases rise to almost $700 billion in 2020, and globally, online jewelry sales are on track to reach over $30 billion by 2021.

At the start of the e-commerce boom, many jewelry sellers showed strong opposition to selling online. A traditional belief held that for a customer to buy something high-priced and valued for its aesthetic appeal, they would have to see it in-store. The assumption was that shoppers lacked the knowledge to make an informed purchase without the guidance of a salesperson.

Pioneering online jewelry businesses like BlueNile, which launched in 1999 as an exclusive online retailer of diamonds, soundly put this myth to rest years ago, and we have recently seen legacy brands like Tiffany moving their jewelry sales online.

In summary, sales are going online, and your niche does not matter. Having a well-designed website with satisfactory jewelry website pricing, and e-commerce functionality is a requirement for a thriving retail business.

Online Jewelry Retail Is The New Normal

Maintaining a compelling social media presence is almost required for any online jewelry store to compete in the race.

6 Tips To Help Jewelry Retailers Increase Online Sales

1. Make Sure Your Jewelry Website Uses High-Performing SEO.

Search engine optimization is apt for making your jewelry e-commerce gain organic traffic and high search rankings great for business. Accomplishing this can be a tough job unless your website has:-


A reliable web host with a reputation for loading sites quickly

Choose a website host with high-speed fame for loading sites.

A perfectly suitable domain name

Choose a good domain name that reflects your products and brand.

A responsive website template

Your website should work properly on all types of devices.

SSL certificate

Install an SSL certificate on your domain.

Expert Functional keyword research

Conducting keyword research using various SEO tools – Google’s Keyword Planner.

Well-written content

Make sure you have relevant content on your blog posts. Also, include thoughtful product descriptions to enhance the usefulness.

Traffic pattern

Review the traffic patterns and current keyword performance.

2. Utilize Relevant Keywords In Your Product Descriptions

The job of search engines is to serve the most relevant response to a person’s query. When researching keywords that you can use to improve your jewelry website’s search engine rank, make sure to select words and phrases that describe what you sell, like “rose gold necklace” or “sterling silver earrings”.

Where possible, you can also include “commercial intent” keywords. For example, someone looking to purchase a watch may type “buy men’s Rolex watch” or even the phrase “best online watch store” which has over 2,000 searches per month.

Lastly, Google and other search engines prefer well-written content over content written specifically to load up your website with keywords. This practice is called “keyword stuffing” and not only is it outdated; it can cause your website to be delisted from Google.

Always aim to write thoughtful, useful product descriptions, and other content on your website that helps your SEO while also helping your customers.

3. Use Visuals That Have Wow-Effects

A website with more and better quality pictures depicts a clear view of their products. A professional jewelry photographer is essential for clicking perfect pictures inducing potential customers towards the jewelry products. A fabulous design attracts more audience and hence more sales. Visualization is the key to the immense success of e-business. No matter the device you use remember these basic tips:

Utilize Proper Editing And Retouching Techniques

Using a white background, natural lighting, and color corrections.

Use High Resolution Images

Try to put the best quality images which are crystal clear.

Use A Tripod

This will help steady your camera or smartphone and reduce the possibility of blurred images.

Use The Same Setup Each Time

Once you’ve decided the setup for taking your jewelry images, use it each time you photograph new inventory. It will keep your website looking consistent.

Use Web Appropriate Sizes

Uploading huge images will slow your website to a crawl and impact your SEO. With the average site visitor abandoning a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load, this tip is pretty important. Keep images to 72 dpi, and unless it’s a “hero” image used across the top of your home page, a maximum height and width of 500 pixels should suffice.

Create Brand’s Social Media Presence

Social media presence builds brand awareness, attracts new customers and best way to exhibit your product.

4. Create Brand’s Social Media Presence

With over 3 billion people using social media, maintaining a compelling social media presence is almost required for any online jewelry store to compete in the race. Social media allows you a cost-effective way to build brand awareness, attract new customers, and showcase your products.

A smooth-running presence on social media encourages regular audiences to your website. Utilizing social media platforms for marketing and branding is an innovative way that lets your e-store go places without much effort. Building a social media presence to drive awareness, loyalty, and sales is a worthwhile deal. Regular updates and posts about your jewelry products on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc, benefit in greater exposure to the target audience and an increase in sales.

When deciding what to share on your social accounts, this is a perfect opportunity to “humanize” your brand. You can accomplish this by showing lifestyle photos of people using and wearing your jewelry items or by sharing compelling behind-the-scene glimpses into how it is crafted or the artisans who create your inventory.

5. Seek Professional Approach For Your Jewelry Website Design

To save a few dollars, you can tackle building your online jewelry store yourself, but if you’re anything like the many jewelry store owners we’ve assisted, you have better ways to invest your time in your business. At Keyideas, we specialize jewelry website design and can implement everything discussed in this article and more! Sends us a message describing what you need today so we can get started on your professional jewelry website.

6. Build Your Brand

Branding is a whole demanding task in sustaining a business. And when talking about the jewelry business online, it becomes mandatory to stand out and highlight the brand and its unmatched products. Setting up a unique website with a personalized theme and logo helps in attaining an extraordinary brand reputation. Showcase your solitary collection and give attractive offers on your jewelry items, maintaining your exclusivity.

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