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25-years ago, jewelry industry veteran Isaac Gottesman launched ‘Numined Diamonds’. With one vision in his head to sell eco-friendly and conflict-free diamonds. They envisioned combining their purpose with cutting-edge designs for engagement rings, wedding rings, and earrings available for their customers. Today, Numined Diamond is not just operating in stores. But also, successfully conducting its business online. Keyideas got an opportunity to shape the vision of Numined Diamond into an amazing, highly-functional and affordable jewelry website design. To stand out amongst the best Jewelry Website Store Specialists.

As a Diamond Jewelry Chicago E-commerce store, our client wanted a WordPress website and affordable jewelry website design. So that they can showcase their online presence to their customers in the best way possible but under their budget. We built a lab-grown diamond E-commerce website for our client. Using the PHP programming and the UI framework of animate.css combined with the best UX wireframes. Our designers designed the website in such a way that it brought out life from the images of the diamond jewelry. The team of Keyideas is ingenious in handling any task. They responsibly give their best in each project. As a result, we soon launched the Numined Diamonds website successfully with 100% client satisfaction.

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Jewelry Website Store Specialists

Keyideas has a highly coordinated work culture. Each station works as a unit to deliver the best-unified result. Our diamond jewelry e-commerce website is an example of our hard work. Keyideas has a team of skilled and experienced designers and developers. They act as a united workforce to shape some of the best projects in web design.

Keyideas has a customer-centric approach where we listen and put in place our client’s needs and vision. To create something that resonates with their thoughts in the best way possible. Our team works in every dimension of a website from the UX/UI to flawless coding and high-end integrations.

To get you the best of both – Creativity and Innovation. We have excelled in modern-day web designs with highly interactive features. Including the ‘BYOR’ or ring builder feature, Diamond filter, and marketplace integration like RapNet, Nivoda, and Virtual Diamond Boutique.

We focus on creating secured websites and thus, we focus on giving ease to both buyers and sellers in the payment modes, shipping methods, and shipment tracking. Also checkout our newest blog on LinkedIn Why you need a jewelry website? for more insights.

  • Research

    – Understanding Jewelry E-commerce
    – Understanding User & Product
    – Understand User Needs & Queries Research
  • Empathize

    – User Personas & Stories
    – Moodboard
    – Benchmark Inspiration & Ideas
  • Ideate

    – Flow Charts
    – Information Architecture
    – Low-fi Wireframes
  • Design

    – High-fi Mockups
    – Build UI system
    – Prototype
  • Validate

    – Iterate Design
    – Feedback
Compatible grid and list view for jewelry website

Dark Mode

Dark is beautiful especially when it comes to web design. Some clients prefer to go with Dark Mode. With proper colors and combination the resultant looks classy and clique. Dark Mode instantly grabs the attention of the user as – it’s more relaxing for the eyes, and has better visibility and readability of the web content. Ultimately the purpose is to bring traffic to the online jewelry website and give them the best experience. The dark theme enhances the beauty of each image as the white color of the background emerges as sharp, clean, and bright, & displays the jewelry beautifully, especially the sparkling diamonds shining in the dark.

Jewelry website in darkmode
Jewelry Website inventory layout in Darkmode


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