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Read more about through our professional client testimonial page & get to know what our satisfied clients across the USA, Europe, Asia, and Australia have to say about the various projects we have delivered.

Satisfied Clients

I had an amazing experience working with Keyideas an excellent team of developers. I’m pleased with their service and commitment. The CRM application they developed, far exceeded my expectations. Project was built from scratch and during the project the team worked diligently and provided instant solutions to any problems. They proved that working with them, was a right decision.

Web Development for San Francisco California client

Mordy Karsch

Giving Back Promotions, San Francisco, CA

5/5 five star

We were very pleased with the overall development process that was followed. Keyideas seems to be a world class provider from what we experienced on our first project from the very beginning like scoping out the project requirement, design & development, QA & testing phase and finally to migration to our location. I would not hesitate to recommend them as a superior development house.

Developed ecommerce website for a Chicago client

Isaac Gottesman

dimendSCAASI, Chicago USA

5/5 five star

I was having great difficulty in finding a suitable organization for my project, an idea that I know would make a significant impact. We were having a difficult time with our current development company when we, fortunately, found Keyideas. They communicated very well and delivered the project on time and within budget. I really appreciate their effort and thank them for everything.

Mobile app development for Los Angeles client

Clinton Mayers

Vigilant Parent, Los Angeles, CA

4.7/5 five star

Keyideas has proved to be an excellent Outsourcing company for all our Software Development need for over 2 years. Excellence is earned and trust has been built over the period of time. Partnering with them has provided efficient, flexible and cost-effective solutions for our IT needs. They have clearly demonstrated their commitment to providing high-quality solutions.

WordPress Website Development for US client

John Andrew Williams

Academic Life Coaching, Portland USA

4.7/5 five star

The new application was to be used across our offices by senior management at different locations, Keyideas did an excellent work. They clearly understood the requirements and delivered good quality Price Comparison Tool. They pleased us with their high level of creativity and dedication. They promptly identified the loop holes, which helped us save big on the project cost. We’ll definitely continue to work with you in future.

Enterprise .NET Development for Denmark client

Rui (Ray) Wang

Vestas Group, Denmark

5/5 five star

It’s pleasure doing business with Keyideas. Great team, great project management, and execution skills. I’m very happy with the final outcome of the project. This team continues to surprise me with their quality every time I decide to work with them.

iPhone and Android Apps for Minneapolis client

Eric Lucas

Draft Star, Minneapolis USA

4.6/5 five star

I was recommended to Keyideas by a close colleague. From the outset, I found the team at Keyideas very professional in terms of their communication, technical skills, and flexibility. They have helped to transform our e-Commerce offering into a platform with excellent stability and speed. The bottom line is, I would recommend Keyideas to any e-Commerce company.

Web Design and Development for Denmark Client

Emma Johnson

Web Apps, Denmark

4.7/5 five star

I am pleased with the quality of work Keyideas has delivered and your Project Management capabilities. Your team’s quick response with fast turnaround time has really impressed me. I take pride in making my decision to work with your team. Keyideas has been an honest group of people with highest work ethics. I’d not hesitate to recommend Keyideas to anyone.

Social Networking app for USA client

Fernando Robles

Creative Tech Studio LLC, Florida

5/5 five star

The team at Keyideas is simply the best. What makes Keyideas so great is their attention to detail, availability and most importantly, their knowledge and expertise to deliver on time and according to requirements. One cannot go wrong by partnering with Keyideas. Thanks to everyone at Keyideas for making our projects exceed customer expectations.

E-commerce website and app for Swiss client

Mr. Sunjit K

Blog Design, Zurich Switzerland

4.7/5 five star

As an aspiring entrepreneur, I came to Keyideas with a mockup and a dream. Based on my powerpoint presentation they delivered a working PHP web application in 12 weeks. The process was a lot easier than I had expected, as the team was very capable. They were extremely professional, friendly, and easy to work with. I am so glad that I took a chance on Keyideas.

Enterprise Development for Canada based client

Patrick Ashworth

Toronto, Canada

4.7/5 five star

We value our relationship with Keyideas. They’ve proved themselves to be our capable and willing partners in the numerous development projects they have delivered. Their ability to code in many environments gives us the confidence that we’ll be able to handle any new business opportunities that come our way.

App Development for Swiss Client

Jeff Hoey

iPhone App, Geneva, Switzerland

4.7/5 five star

The first time I availed the services of Keyideas, I was a little skeptical about the whole outsourcing process and didn’t trust anyone; but Keyideas team quickly put those fears to rest. The manager I was interacting with was great and thoroughly explained the process to me and delivered as promised. I definitely recommend them in comparison to their competitions.

.NET App Development for NewYork client

Mr. Nikoan J.

Vancouver, Canada

4.7/5 five star

I have not been disappointed with the decision to partner with Keyideas. They are responsive to my needs and deliver on time and on budget. They never lose patience with the reviews I provide and my requests for adjustments. They continue to support my site and it really makes it easy for me to run my business and without having to worry about my website.

Developed Web app for Australia based client

David Lewis

Ambleton Consulting, Melbourne

5/5 five star

We needed a mobile app built to support our fitness product. We were not sure with the app development process and needed support for developing the app. Keyideas team had all of the answers. The team has experience across a multitude of platforms and we will highly recommend them to anyone seeking any of the services they provide.

E-Commerce website for New Zealand based client

Isabella Jones

Fashion and Lifestyle Site, New Zealand

5/5 five star

Keyideas has proven to be a great partner for us in all our web and mobile development projects for some time. The recent project was slightly complex as some of the companies turned down the project due to the complexity. No matter how difficult the task, Keyideas was able to meet each milestone and completed the job to our satisfaction. Keep up the good work.

PHP Development for USA client

Tom McLaughlin

Laser Trolley LLC, Los Angeles CA

4.7/5 five star

We have been working with Keyideas for two years to develop a robust software application that supports the company’s daily activities. The Keyideas team is highly responsive and professional in providing us deliverables on a periodical basis.

Mobile App Development for Denmark based agency


Enterprise Mobile App, Copenhagen Denmark

5/5 five star

I have worked with Keyideas on two projects, one PHP and the other PHP and PhoneGap (iOS and Android). Some of our projects involve complex algorithms, involving server-based mobile applications with customized requirements. I had the chance to review some of the code and must mention how clean and concise their code was. I’m looking forward to other future opportunities to work with these guys.

Web App Development for Netherlands based agency


Android App, Amsterdam, NL

4.6/5 five star

Keyideas team has worked on all our Web Designing projects. Our company has used many contract designers over the years with a variety of outcomes. Keyideas team has been the only design firm that made our projects better than what had been originally designed. From web designing to coding, the team has the work force to deliver any type of project.

Enterprise cloud app for US based company

Rick Broadley

InstaQuote App, Chicago

4.7/5 five star

Great trustworthy team. I have been working with them for a long time and find them way ahead of other teams that I have worked with in the past both locally or abroad. I have worked with them on different projects, simple or complex, but they continue to deliver amazing work. I am very pleased with our association and will continue to test them with much more complex projects as the need arise.

E-Commerce website and app for Sydney based client

Glen George

Ecommerce Site, Sydney

4.6/5 five star

I have contracted with Keyideas twice (so far) and have found them to be extremely competent, dedicated, hardworking and professional. They have excellent communication skills and are excellent with daily progress updates and periodic Skype sessions. I’ll definitely be contracting with them again for future projects.

New Zealand Based Client

Abby Kingman

Bespoke Application, New Zealand

4.6/5 five star

This was our first time working with Keyideas but we will be back. They were great with what they do. Very detailed and professional which makes them different.


Don Shaw

Critical Control Energy Systems, Canada

4.7/5 five star

We worked with Keyideas on 2 key projects and are quite pleased with the output. The team has come up with very creative solutions for all our unique problems and were very accommodating of the changes we requested during the project development phase. We were quite satisfactory and I would definitely recommend them for their offshore software development services.

E-commerce web and blog for San Diego based agency

Melanie B

Online Storefront, San Diego, CA

5/5 five star

After an intensive search for the right organization, we decided to work with Keyideas based on the rave reviews and their references strongly spoke about them. Huge appreciation from their references and strong recommendations made our decision easy and Keyideas stood by these words. Personal service, urgency, a huge brain-share and a real sense of partnership are the principles that guide this organization towards success.

Enterprise ASP.NET Development for Michigan based client

Aaron Enzer

ACE-E Pyro LLC, Michigan USA

4.6/5 five star

I have worked with Keyideas for a little more than 1 year and am very pleased with their performance. The team is very professional, talented and innovative in their work. The developers responsible for our account went to great lengths, to not only solve problems but also suggest improvements in the functionalities. I have no hesitation in recommending Keyideas to others.

App Development for UK client

Mr. Adam A.

London, United Kingdom

4.6/5 five star

When our retail customers need software changes to meet new market requirements we turn to the professionals at Keyideas. They understand our business requirement very clearly and always deliver the highest quality of work. We are highly impressed by their technical expertise and work ethic; they always make the extra effort to ensure our project objectives are met.

Web Development for Sydney based client

Ms. Dorna M.

Ad Agency, Sydney Australia

5/5 five star

Technical and Communication skills are absolutely fantastic. They have done great work in translating my ideas into a software a program and were prompt with workflow deliverable. Keyideas has done great work with my SaaS based program and has delivered well beyond my expectations. Very trust worthy and reliable team. Highly recommended.

Web app for Melbourne based edu tech firm

Jason Deo.

Educational Software, Brisbane Australia

4.6/5 five star

We’ve been working together with Keyideas for more than 2 years now and it is has been a very positive experience for me and my company. Keyideas has been a trusted partner and always willing to help resolve even the most complex of issues. The quality of the coding has been of high-quality. I would definitely recommend them.

Custom Software Development for Denmark based company

Esther C.

CRM Enterprise App, Denmark

4.6/5 five star

Working with Keyideas has been a fantastic experience. Their code is great to work with and they’re fast in putting things together. The Keyideas team has been efficient, and proactive in finding issues and solving them at the right time. I hope I get the chance to work with the team again in the near future!

Web App Development for London based client

Mr. Matthew C.

Web Application, London, UK

5/5 five star

Keyideas has shown commitment to developing robust solutions for our complex business needs. The turnaround time on issue resolution continues to impress me. At no point in time did we feel that we were dealing with an anonymous third-party vendor. I have more major projects in the pipeline and will be happy to work with Keyideas in the future.

E-Commerce App Development for Switzerland based company

Mr. Matt W.

Fashion Website, Bern, Switzerland

4.6/5 five star

My experience of outsourcing web development to Keyideas was a good one. They handled the software app development process proficiently and professionally. They understood what we needed and worked efficiently to deliver on time. We would recommend Keyideas to enterprises looking to outsource their app development projects.

Cloud Application for Netherlands cleint

Mr. Ben A.

Cloud App, Rotterdam, Netherlands

4.8/5 five star

We outsourced our new application to Keyideas for development, testing, and deployment; and I must say the team delivered the final application with the expected outcome. They are highly technical and are readily available 24/7 whenever we needed their assistance to solve production issues. I don’t have any hesitation to recommend them to any other Company.

Custom Software Development for an European client

Mr. Praveen M.

Custom Software, Amsterdam, Europe

4.7/5 five star

Keyideas delivered an excellent iOS and Android application for us! After an extensive search for the right company, we choose Keyideas because of their quick and professional response. They provided a clear project plan. They extensively used the tool Basecamp for their daily queries and updates. The time-zones difference between Asia and Europe were no problem at all, we always got a quick response to all our questions.

App Development for Germany based client

Mr. Kees H.

CRM App, Dusseldorf, Germany

5/5 five star

Keyideas was referred to me by a trusted colleague who had recently used their services to develop and launch an App. I was very happy with the interest that was taken in my project (development of an IOS App) during the proposal stage. I received 3 proposals and Keyideas provided the best combination of price, and schedule hence got the project. I would highly recommend Keyideas.

London based client

Mr. Stephen W.

Online Store, London, UK

4.7/5 five star

I was referred to Keyideas by one of your customers. I felt Keyideas was very professional and understood our issues well. They have knowledge of the latest technologies and ways of doing things. The technical team provided amazing support and was extremely knowledgeable; great to work with and very patient with us. I have introduced a few people already.

Sydney based client

Mr. Rupert S.

Mobile Apps, Sydney, Australia

4.7/5 five star

We found Keyideas as the right partner to help make our goal a reality. We wanted to change the way men view and purchase their grooming products online. The smart and creative team at Keyideas has helped us to establish ourselves as a successful eCommerce online business and provide an enjoyable, and easy shopping experience to our clients.

Germany based client

Anthony Sosnick

Travel App, Frankfurt, Germany

4.7/5 five star

We were treated with the utmost respect from the beginning of the project. From the onset, I must admit that their project manager had been one of the most focused and professional individuals I have had the pleasure of working with. The team effort displayed by your staff and team leaders exemplifies their professional standards and their capability of achieving milestones.

Los Angeles based client

Dr. Robin Baradarian

Healthcare App, Los Angeles CA

4.6/5 five star

Our experience with Keyideas was stellar from the get-go. The team acted more as a business partner rather than a 3rd party vendor throughout the process, which created an environment for success and a spirit of excellence. We highly recommend their services to any new start-up who is looking to turn a great idea into a successful smartphone app.

Europe based agency

Mike Kennedy

Web App, Berlin, Germany

5/5 five star

Keyideas produced an amazing product for us and we couldn’t be happier with the results. They implemented our project as if it was their own till the finish line. We are very happy with the website and have received some great comments about it from our customers. We plan to work with Keyideas again for our future projects and online marketing.

Custom software development by Canada based client

Warren Katz

Custom Software, Montreal, Canada

4.6/5 five star

Till date, it has been a pleasure working with Keyideas. Their team has worked very closely, and together we have achieved our goals during the past 5 months. Our web page finally meets our expectations. I highly recommend Keyideas for your future projects. Their developers have the skills to make your eCommerce dreams a reality.

Melbourne based agency

William G. McKinney

E-Commerce Site, Melbourne

4.7/5 five star

It was a dream working with Keyideas. They always seemed to be few steps ahead of us with respect to patience, diligence, and punctuality. One of our best decisions was to partner with Keyideas.

Denmark based company

Tristan Clopet

Lifestyle WebSite, Copenhagen Denmark

5/5 five star

The team is quite prompt and really cares about their client’s success. Keyideas transformed our website into a vital part of our sales efforts, then tailored a search engine optimization campaign, which has doubled our traffic from what it was a year ago.

San Diego California Based Clien

Carl Griffenkranz

Healthcare Software, Miami Florida

4.6/5 five star
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