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Health & Wellness Website Design – Minnesota


Project Brief

The Oxygen Plan, a revolutionary stress reduction program based in Minnesota, sought our expertise to develop a WordPress-based health & wellness website. The objective was to create a comprehensive platform using PHP programming, MySQL, and Bootstrap UI for an exceptional user experience.

Focused on combating stress in work and daily life, the website aimed to offer features like a Health Social Network, Training Modules, Coaches’ Portals, and personalized Health Assessments. The challenge lay in delivering jargon-free content while ensuring clear calls to action and automated patient satisfaction reviews.

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Navigating The Oxygen Plan’s Target Demographics

To grasp the target market, we tailored our approach to the persona of Stefani Germonatta, a 40-year-old advertising professional and single mother. Stefani’s goals included showcasing innovation at work, achieving her dream job, and

fostering a positive mindset. Her pain points centered around overcoming stress, anxiety hindering her career, and the need for effective stress coping mechanisms.

User Persona

User Persona

Stefani Germonatta

User Stories oxygen Plan

Stefani Germonatta

Age: 40

Work: Advertising Marketing

Family: Single Mother of Two

Character: Workaholic

Age: 40

Work: Advertising Marketing

Family: Single Mother of Two

Character: Workaholic

Pain Points

  • Wants to overcome stress which strikes at certain times in a day.
  • The anxiety and stress might prevent her from getting her dream job.
  • She feels that she’s unable to cope up with stress the right way.


  • Willing to work extra hard to get her dream job.
  • Wants to keep showing good results with innovation and creativity at work.
  • Wishes to become more positive and confident.

User Journey Mapping for Stress Reduction

Navigating the user journey on The Oxygen Plan’s website involves clear calls to action, personalized stress assessments, and detailed stress number breakdowns. This tailored experience ensures users seamlessly progress from stress acknowledgment to effective reduction strategies. The challenge lies in designing an intuitive interface that addresses specific needs and pain points, creating a supportive resource for individuals on their path to holistic well-being.

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The Blueprint Behind The Oxygen Plan

The Oxygen Plan’s journey into digital wellness began with meticulous wireframing—a roadmap to the platform’s user interface and functionality. Wireframes served as blueprints, outlining stress assessment layouts, personalized protocols, and stress number breakdown displays.

The iterative process involved feedback loops, ensuring seamless navigation and optimal user experience. This foundational step facilitated a clear vision for developers and designers, aligning their efforts to create an intuitive and visually engaging platform.


Innovative Solutions for Holistic Well-being

Confronting challenges head-on, our team embraced ASP.NET excellence for Vestas. An in-depth study of file formats and collaborative client sessions translated complex business logic into efficient algorithms. Leveraging ASP.NET’s power, the energy industry website now features a robust backend with C# implementation.

Entity Framework 6 mapping expedites database processing, ensuring standard format checks and accurate parsing for vendor files. This innovative solution enhances precision, offering Vestas an agile platform for streamlined energy processes.

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Redefining Stress Reduction: The Mobile App Approach

Venturing beyond conventional wellness platforms, The Oxygen Plan explored the realm of mobile app development to offer a more immersive and accessible experience.

By seamlessly transitioning stress reduction strategies into a mobile application, the platform aimed to meet users where they are, fostering a constant companion for well-being. The challenge was to integrate intricate stress algorithms and personalization features into a user-friendly app interface.

The oxygen plan responsive design


Following the implementation of The Oxygen Plan’s health and wellness website, the results were transformative. User engagement soared as individuals accessed stress assessments, personalized lifestyle protocols, and stress number breakdowns. The platform became a valuable resource, offering not just information but a supportive ecosystem for users seeking stress reduction. A substantial increase in user satisfaction, coupled with positive feedback, indicated the platform’s success in delivering on its objectives.

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