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The O2, Oxygen Plan based in Minnesota, USA is a revolutionary stress reduction program for combating work, home, and social stress. The Oxygen Plan features patent-pending technology that helps companies identify, analyze, benchmark, track, and reduce sources of stress, including the ability to establish an aggregate stress number for their organization, and employees.

The Oxygen Plan, O2 is a novel health technology company with a game-changing approach toward reducing the #1 modifiable risk factor – Stress which accounts for approximately 8% of all health care spending.

The Minnesota client wanted us to develop a WordPress based health & wellness website for their O2 medical & healthcare business. We used PHP programming for web development and MySQL for the database to create a rich web design.

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  • Health Social Network
  • Training
  • Coaches
  • Your Portal
  • Health Assesment
  • Stress Number
  • Stress Number Breakdown
  • Lifestyle Protocol
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Keyideas believe in the whole satisfaction of the client. We employ each and every single thing as per the demand and the future needs of the clients. For a medical & health care website, it is vital to use jargon-free uncomplicated content for the users to understand it better.

Our web development process started by developing a WordPress website using PHP for O2, a Minnesota medical & health care website. We initiated the process of web design and development by keeping in mind the needs and prerequisites of the client regarding a medical website. For the web design, we used the UI framework Bootstrap to provide an exceptional user experience to the website visitors. As great as the web design and user experience is, more will be the possibilities of more conversion.

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User Persona


Stefani Germonatta
Age: 40
Work: Advertising Marketing
Family: Single Mother of Two
Character: Workaholic



– Wants to keep showing good results with innovation and creativity at work

– Willing to work extra hard to get her dream job.

– Wishes to become more positive and confident.

Pain Points

– Wants to overcome stress which strikes at certain times in a day

– The anxiety and stress might prevent her from getting her dream job

– She feels that she’s unable to cope up with stress the right way

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User Journey

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Heath & wellness website features


  • Clear Call to action button for users.
  • Automated patient satisfaction reviews & polls.
  • Insurance coverage and financial policies.
  • Explaining medical difficult jargon in very easily understandable content.
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A health & wellness website needs more attention while designing and developing as the primary focus should be on the content that the user is going to read and get the proper understanding of the health & wellness services the company provides. If on a medical site the content fails to engage visitors it’d be a drawback so the jargon-free content needed to be used on the website.

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Types of mental health & wellness apps

There are various types of mental health applications varying on the convenience and services required. For instance, some apps help people with depression, anxiety, and subsequent disorders or track their mood/emotions. While others train to relax, teach deep breathing techniques, and provide therapeutic help to the user.

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General Mental Wellbeing

Offer basic features for losing bad habits & mood swings to sustain good habits and rest.

Heath & wellness website education-assesment

Education & Evaluation

Give important mental health-related knowledge from therapists and mental health practitioners.

Heath & wellness website oxy-plan-mental-disorders

Depression, Anxiety, & Mental Disorders

Propose multiple programs to keep track of mood and cognitive skills education to people with anxiety, depression, or schizophrenia.

Heath & wellness website oxy-plan-self-improvement

Self Development

Help users understand mental health and how to improve it. Such applications aren’t for victims with mental issues alone. These apps also serve the mentally healthy individual by offering audio relaxation, breathing, and meditation techniques.

Heath & wellness website oxy-plan-treatment

Treatment Adherence

With their suggestions and online reviews, these apps support & help patients that find it hard to manage their mental health on their own.

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Peers & Connection

Connect every individual who suffers from the same mental health complications and needs support and communication.

Why user onboarding is crucial to your app growth?

It’s tough to sign up people for an app or product. Businesses invest so many sources these days to bring new users to their apps and websites, the majority of those users stop using the application shortly after their first shot. Giving a flawless onboarding experience is vital to any online business as it is crucial to make a notable first user experience.


Encourage users to interact. A series of actions get them engaged. It’s also an easy way of initial user personalization. Gather the most crucial information about the user at this point but in an interactive way.

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Top Design Solutions for a Great Mental & Health Wellness App

Creating mental health & wellness apps is always an open-ended process. The simplistic and little features mean a lot to the user. A person with mental health issues needs to sleep well, stay active, strongly handle stress be socially connected, and have a sense of hope. These are the most creative and useful web design solutions for great mental health & wellness apps.



Someone with mental health problems needs to keep their lives in order. An app with calendar checklists is a perfect solution for such requirements. Apps track mood in a visual calendar and give graphical information about a person’s mood adjusts over time. Some app solutions also offer a reward or bonus points system if a user completes all tasks from a calendar.

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They typically recommend practicing relaxation methods or doing any other exercises to improve mental health. Reminders can be easily adjusted in a way to encourage self-monitoring. This is a basic feature for the performance of a mental health app.

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Sleep Tracker

When synchronized, mental health apps and sleep analyzing wearable gadgets help in observing the sleep of people experiencing mental health disorders. Collectively, it is empowering the users with insights to take care of their sleeping routines.

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Emergency, Need Urgent Help

This feature in the app supports and gives users extra support in emergency conditions, also gives an additional understanding of triggering circumstances and behavioral trends that later can be discussed with a therapist.

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