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A Brief About Our Client- NYC Jewelry Website Company

One of our standout projects involved collaborating with Diamond Art, a New York-based jewelry e-store specializing in loose diamonds, engagement rings, and wedding rings. Diamond Art sought an affordable yet feature-rich e-commerce solution, leading them to opt for a WordPress-based website with WooCommerce plugins for seamless cart functionality.

Our team of designers and PHP developers diligently followed the client’s specifications, resulting in a user-friendly website that offers easy navigation, swift product searches, and accommodates six different payment methods. We also prioritized content optimization for quick user access to information.

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Understanding the User

In crafting the design for our client’s new jewelry website, we placed a paramount emphasis on understanding the user. Recognizing that every click, scroll, and interaction on the website is a potential connection between the customer and the brand, we embarked on an in-depth journey to comprehend the unique preferences and expectations of the sophisticated clientele in New York.

The result is a website that not only meets the functional needs of the user but also elevates the overall brand perception, fostering lasting connections with the discerning clientele of New York.

User Persona

User Stories

Alex Jacob

Age: 31

Gender: Male

Occupation: Marketing Manager

Location: New York City, NY

Background: Alex is a dynamic marketing manager working for a prestigious fashion brand in the heart of Manhattan. He’s a true New Yorker at heart and thrives in the city’s fast-paced environment. With her background in fashion marketing, Alex is always on the lookout for unique and high-quality accessories.

Goals and Pain Points: Alex’s primary goal is to find unique, high-quality jewelry pieces that complement his fashion-forward style while navigating his limited free time efficiently.

Online Behavior: Alex is a research-oriented, mobile shopper who actively engages with fashion-related content on social media platforms, seeking inspiration and exploring jewelry options during his daily commute or breaks.

Strategic UX Wireframing

Our wireframing process for the jewelry website design involved two key phases. Initially, we created low-fidelity wireframes that outlined the basic structure and layout, ensuring alignment with the user’s journey.

These foundational wireframes provided a clear blueprint for the site’s architecture. Subsequently, we transitioned to high-fidelity wireframes, incorporating intricate visual elements, images, and interactive features.

This dual-phase approach enabled us to refine the user experience iteratively, resulting in a final design that seamlessly merged aesthetics with user-centric functionality.

Our meticulous wireframing process served as the cornerstone of the project, laying the groundwork for a captivating and intuitive jewelry shopping experience.

The Diamond art Strategic UX Wireframing
The Diamond art Strategic UX Wireframing product listing

Product Listing Page

Almost 9 out of 10 customers would stop engaging with content that did not display well on their device. The content is the soul of the website. It is important to categorize and mold the content for a smooth and effortless customer experience.

As per the brief provided by our client, we added Product Listing Page like – content, images, pricing list, and other filters.

Our team designed the product listing pages that showcase their diamond engagement ring, gemstone engagement ring, loose diamonds, and bands. Keeping in mind the importance of clean diamond images that is why each diamond shape, size, & color has been shown perfectly on the listing page.

Product Listing

Product Detail Page

Online customers like realistic image references. Thus our Jewelry E-commerce Development NYC provided images of the diamond ring worn in hand as well as videos for a complete view of the product. Other than this many other aspects – setting details, diamond detail, and color is present on the product page. Our web designers included the feature to select the diamond color and the band as per the buyers’ desire. We also combined the dimension guide for the rings so that the buyers won’t face any confusion regarding the size and structure of the ring.

Product Detail

Responsive Designs

We design to impress the buyers. Every jewelry designer or merchant wishes to have a website that attracts users by its UI finishing and beautiful designs. Our designers follow the process of designing the jewelry website using the latest & finest UI framework like Semantic UI. Appealing and responsive layouts are foundation of a user-friendly & engaging website.

Keyideas has always believed in delivering the best services in jewelry web design, development, or marketing for jewelry business. Jewelry E-commerce Development NYC offers budget-friendly jewelry pricing structure that has served many jewelry websites. Check our blog on LinkedIn Why you need a jewelry website? for more info.

The Diamond art Responsive Designs


Our jewelry website redesign yielded outstanding results. Our client enjoyed a significant ROI increase, surpassing conversion expectations. The user-centric design attracted more leads, boosted engagement, and expanded the brand’s online presence. Our meticulous SEO efforts improved rankings and drove organic traffic growth. The easy-to-navigate design received positive feedback and solidified the brand as a top choice for New York’s fashion-conscious jewelry enthusiasts. In summary, our design approach delivered transformative results, enhancing both user experience and business outcomes.

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Clean and clear graphics by UI/UX team

Diamond Integration

Add Nivoda, RapNet, VDB, and other APIs/CSVs

Ring Builder

User can create or build his own Engagement Ring

Diamond Filter

Allows users to select the perfect diamond for their ring

Jewelry Retouching

Highlight strengths, downplay flaws for customer appeal

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Customized solutions for your online jewelry business growth

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Marketing and SEO Services to grow business 200%

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