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Project Brief

The client from Whitsunday Village, Queensland, Australia, wanted us to design and develop a Shopify-based online clothing store website for their indie brand Airllywood.

Rising innovation, digital globalization, and changes in customer’s ways of spending money have slung the fashion business into the middle of seismic movements. Nowadays, it is significant for every business to develop and build its presence on the web.

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Understanding the User

In crafting our clothing fashion website, a pivotal focus was placed on comprehending the user persona. Our aim was to create a platform that resonates with the preferences and aspirations of our target audience.

By understanding the needs and goals of a dynamic individual who values timeless fashion, seeks diverse sizing options, and desires affordability without sacrificing quality, our website strives to cater to a wide spectrum of users. This user-centric approach guided the development process, ensuring that our platform not only meets but anticipates and exceeds the expectations of those in search of a seamless and gratifying online shopping experience.

User Persona

User Stories

Emma Louis

41, Married, 2 Kids
Management Consultant
Perth, Australia
‘The Busy Professional’

Background: Emma is a 41-year-old management consultant in Perth, Australia, navigating a hectic life with a spouse and two kids. She values travel for its enriching experiences and embraces a versatile attitude toward fashion.

Goals and Pain Points: Her primary goal is assembling a timeless wardrobe, reflecting her personality over age. However, finding clothes in her size is a consistent challenge. Affordability is crucial, but sale items often don’t align with her style, making the quest for a versatile wardrobe more complex.

Online Behavior: Due to her busy schedule, she likely gravitates towards efficient online shopping. Platforms offering diverse styles, accommodating her size, and providing reasonable pricing are likely her preferred choices. User reviews and influencer insights may influence her decisions


In the initial stages of crafting Airllywood’s online clothing store, our team meticulously designed wireframes to lay the foundation for a seamless user experience. These wireframes served as a visual blueprint, outlining the structure and functionality of the website. By strategically mapping out key elements such as navigation, product displays, and user interactions, we ensured a user-friendly interface.

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Product Listing Page and Filters

Our product listing page is a carefully crafted showcase of Airllywood’s unique fashion offerings. Dive into an array of curated collections, tailored to meet the distinctive needs and objectives of our diverse clientele. Our filters make navigating through various products a seamless experience, ensuring customers find what they’re looking for in their style journey.

Product Listing Page and Filters

Product Detail Page

Step into the world of Airllywood with our detailed product pages. We’ve not only upgraded the design to enhance the conversion rate but also amplified customer engagement. Explore the intricacies of each piece, from stitching details to fabric quality. Our product detail page is designed to provide an immersive experience, empowering customers to make informed and confident fashion choices.

Product Detail Page
Product Detail  view Page

Payment and Cart Page

Experience a hassle-free journey from selection to purchase on our Payment and Cart Page. We understand the importance of smooth transactions. Our checkout process is designed for efficiency, ensuring that securing your favorite Airllywood pieces is a delightful experience. Shop with confidence, knowing that each step is optimized for convenience and security.

Product Detail Page

Responsive Designs

At Keyideas, we prioritize responsive design for Airllywood’s online clothing store. Our commitment to a mobile-first approach ensures that the website adapts seamlessly to various devices. Whether you’re browsing on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone, the Airllywood experience remains smooth and visually captivating. Embrace fashion wherever you go with our user-friendly and responsive design.

Responsive Designs


Through collaborative efforts, we transformed challenges into triumphs, bringing Airllywood’s vision to life. Our responsive design, coupled with an upgraded product page and a streamlined checkout process, has resulted in an engaging and user-friendly online clothing store. Witness the success of a brand that believes in celebrating individuality and embracing life’s unique journey, as reflected in Airllywood’s thriving digital presence.

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