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Web design and development for fashion e-commerce websites is our forte. Our team combines web design capabilities with innovative UI/UX to deliver results and offer services to boom your fashion brands.

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A successful fashion e-commerce website offers higher revenue to clothing retailers and the B2B industry. Keyideas, web design techniques will help you showcase your products the way you want.



Each website project plan begins with determining the target audience and discussing the desired features and functionality for the website. Irrespective of the platform used to build- WooCommerce, Magento, or Shopify, a similar plan is carried out. The next goal is to create a sitemap that describes the basic navigation and content on the website. It shows how a user will navigate the website to confirm visitors find the information they need comfortably.


Content Development

Keyideas crafts engaging and appealing website content for online retailers that convey the lead information and keeps the users moving through the e-commerce website. We create websites on a user-friendly Content Management System (CMS) that makes it very easy to update and maintain the website. Also, we infuse the content with keywords and phrases to help optimize the website for optimal search engine rankings (SEO).


Web Design

Keyideas always conducts web designing process following the brand and its target audiences in mind, as we believe that the functionality is high-priority to the site. It involves making sure that it’s responsive and easy to operate, works well on multiple devices, and doesn’t take much time to load. In other words, it should have a low bounce rate. A powerful website gives the required information, enables communication, sales, traffic, and builds trust in your fashion e-commerce brand. Web design for clothing stores must do the same by assuring a few key things.

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How we do

Few Simple Steps for a Successful Fashion E-commerce Business


Create Easy Navigation

Create Easy Navigation

Create some main categories with a drop-down menu. It will give your website a less cluttered appearance and reduce the time it takes for users to find the desired pages. Add search boxes as it is a great tool to enhance the online retail user experience. It will give your customers a better shopping experience.


Establish Branding

Establish Branding

Make your website’s color, design, and logo before launching the site, and use them as guidelines for the rest of the process. You’d want to give your visitors an idea of what your brand stands for, and your website can be an efficient way to turn them into online shoppers.


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Test Technical Issues

The website should be functional. Indeed, even the most excellent site is worthless if your clients can’t use it to get in touch with you or make purchases. Using smaller file sizes for images can decrease load time and speed up. This change is easy to do and can hugely affect your conversion rate.

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Website Design for Fashion & Accessories Store

We partner with Fashion and Accessories brands to design and develop an e-commerce website. Visit our Fashion eCommerce Case Study and learn more about our approach and process towards web design.

Build a Fashion Retail Website that Drives Sales.

As a clothing retailer, it is vital to understand the value of appearance. Everything you show to current and proposed customers has to illustrate your sense of style. It is why esthetically engaging web design for clothing stores is so important. You should likewise make sure to create a responsive design, meaning that it performs well on various devices like laptops, tablets, and cell phones. Devices other than desktop computers are becoming more common for browsing the Internet. You surely don’t want to prevent these users from getting the complete experience of your retail e-commerce website. For online shoppers, your site can be the first impression they get of your brand. If it’s not smooth, stylish, and easy to use, the response probably won’t be positive. The profession in the fashion industry has already proven to create visually beautiful designs, but now you need to include functionality. If you use both these factors, your clothing e-store will have a solid web design without any difficulty.

Need assistance making a site that pulls in clients and boosts your image? Try not to spare a moment to reach us! We’re glad to help you in making a cleaned and functional site for your store.

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