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warehouse management system

Project Brief


Our Michigan client is a renowned fireworks supplier in the U.S with over 10+ years of experience in the business. The client wanted a website for users to shop for their favorite fireworks. Our client required an agency that had extensive knowledge in inventory management solutions with order processing software:

  1. A central database system for staff
  2. A simple UI front desktop software.
  3. Ability to track the inventory via the information.
  4. It should generate all relevant barcodes for the products
  5. The web front should have an elegant design with a one-step shopping cart feature.
warehouse management system objectives


  • The web front should be a proper e-commerce store with each product highlighted by categories.
  • Simple and intuitive navigation.
  • Payment gateway to finalize the order needed to be implemented with all options required by the client.
  • As the software is used, some bugs may creep in or in some additional features that may need to be added from time to time.
  • A new system and logic may be needed to be developed to keep central and local databases apart yet in sync.
warehouse management system initial-challenges

Web Front

Our developer built the web front with all the necessary features required for the implementation of warehouse management system (WMS). It was developed using ASP.NET MVC 5 with C# & applies an entity framework 6 which is mapped to the database for faster processing. Keyideas .NET developers provided a feature for buyers so they can use multiple payment options like cash or check at the time of delivery and online payment via PayPal.

warehouse management system web-front
warehouse management system web-front

Desktop Application

Keyideas developed a desktop application which is lightweight and smartly designed. The whole system is built with user authority hierarchy moreover, DevExpress Xtra reports are used for all reporting tasks like stock and inventory reports, sales reports, etc. The entire UI used DevExpress UI controls for a better experience and enhanced functionalities.

Database Centralization

Designers created a feature where all the software ships with an empty local database and can build its schema & data straight from the central database of the warehouse management system. The designer also provided synching of the database to sync work bi-directionally and update both local and central databases, if in case conflict occurs, the central database will remain unchanged and errors will be logged and reported.

create-website for warehouse management system


  • Fast processing and light-weight web front
  • The system was delivered in the agreed period.
  • The system successfully handles 5000+ products and their bar codes.
  • Successfully installed the systems in all the warehouses and central offices.

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