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Model Agreements and Guidelines International (MAGI) streamlines clinical research by standardizing the best practices for clinical operations, business, and regulatory compliance.

Our client MAGI (Model Agreements & Guidelines International) is US-based, a broadly-based organization founded in 2003. MAGI practices most high-grade clinical research. MAGI has authored or presented over 1,000 articles, reviews, columns, and talks on clinical research. The firm approached KEYIDEAS to build their event management website.

Our team built a .NET 4.x framework website for the MAGI using technologies like ASP.NET with VB, and JavaScript with third-party integration and database SQL-SERVER.

features of a Conference management software


features of Conference management software


Conference management software features


some features of Conference management software


Understanding the MAGI User

MAGI’s Clinical Research Conferences are attended by:

Experienced & influential leaders…


Representing a balanced cross-section of the clinical research industry…


Business Case

Keyideas built the MAGI, a conference and event management software for a web-based platform for facilitating the clinical conference. It is the basis for dealing with a variety of challenges. As the program is data-driven, the task handled by KEYIDEAS:

  • User registration and subscription with different payment sections (like a card, check, voucher, etc.) The receipt gets mailed as a confirmation. Manage different categories of users from Speaker, Leader, Moderator to the general user.
  • Managing different categories of users from Speaker, Leader, Moderator to the general user
  • Signing up for a speaking position or certification exam, selecting professional interests, networking with other users, and setting up a schedule is some functionality exposed to the user.
  • Admin panel for administrative users. This section is for privileged users only.
  • Admin users deal with analytics and reports for finance, a list of speakers, sessions, and other system configurations.
  • Send notifications to users about recent changes made to their section of interest.
  • Platform maintenance wide range of logs based on user activities and informs admin on concerned areas.
  • Send administrative announcements to all the users or groups of users for introducing new information.


Our developers built the system that handles a fair share of challenges, the major challenge is performance and scalability. Even the spasmodic lag in information flow could affect the end-user. All modules are perpetually required to be synchronous with each other. Real-time notification for the users to investigate, sections of interest. KEYIDEAS designed system that handles the load of sending email to 20,000+ user accounts in one shot. Thus, the Automation is the archetype for the website. It handles the creation of event books, session release, badges, and speakers reference documents through automation. Cloud-based bug analytics is also implemented for enhancing systems productivity. .

challenges of Conference management software
Cvent & Magi Comparison table

Solutions: Web Front

  • We provided a system login access which is categorized into two sections.
    – Admin
    – General User
  • A deterministic distinction is implemented into the developer system for securing privileged rights for different users.
  • Most of the public views are for spreading awareness about the company and its work. Apart from that user accounts provide a common platform for them to engage with the company’s agenda.
  • Developers added modules like registration, payments, activity logs, access refund, examination sign up, etc, at the user’s disposal.
  • Our developer made the admin section mostly for configuration and monitoring user’s activities. Most of the business logic is handled and it leverages conference management software to make a better decision for future reforms.


  • Multi-category payment options are implemented by the .NET developer to provide flexibility to users.
  • Payment through credit card, cheque, draft, or even pay later option is available for the users interested in making payment.
  • We enabled email confirmation for payment acknowledgment and a corresponding receipt is generated for the detailed view.

Issue Tracker

  • This particular module specially designed by the designer is used for bridging the gap between administrative operators and developers.
  • Our expert developers added a feature, if there is a request for enhancement or an issue with the existing site then the admin can post an issue and developers will deal with the problem to find a solution.

Partner Management

  • Our designer built a separate section for dealing with partner organizations. These organizations are categorized into Diamond, Platinum, Gold, and Silver categories.
  • Providing special perks and privileges for partnering institutes/organizations.

WCG MAGI Mobile App

WCG mobile app was built to serve the purpose of mobility. KEYIDEAS built an app using the open-source platform of Android and as well as for the iOS platform. The app has been as successful as the website of MAGI.


Results & Benefits

The client was delivered the product well within the pre-decided time frame. Currently, the product is under maintenance and further upgraded features like speaker management, multiple single-day events handling, more fluid and responsive design for the user front, and support for more ease. Therfore, the event management website proved beneficial for the firm.

25000+ user’s account have been handled since the site has gone live. Our client has been able to monetize the site with 8000+ paid users. Users have given a lot of positive feedback to the client and many have requested more features.

10,000+ members represent most of the major players in the industry. Membership is free. Members obtain discounts on MAGI conference registration, a free subscription to the Journal of Clinical Research Best Practices, and free access to the MAGI CTA Template and over 150 other forms, checklists, and other standards. Membership is individual, not organizational.

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