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With 97% of first impressions relating to web design, having an ideal website design is essential. In any case, imagine a scenario where you don’t know how to put a website together — substantially less how to develop it for a fruitful outcome.

We have been helping clients with our web design services for over 10+ years, and we can make that work easy for you. We have built more than 1000 client websites, and we know how to enhance your new or existing website for better results.


Keyideas is a web design agency that specializes in web app development, UI/UX, eCommerce web design, digital marketing, & software development. We believe in supporting our clients to achieve their goals with our web design services.

We build responsive web designs, which means we craft mobile-friendly and compatible websites on both desktop and cell phones. Beyond that, a responsive website assures that all content on the site is fit for either format, instead of having a desktop-built website that looks odd on tablets and cell phones.

Usually, content is the heart and soul of a non-profit website. After all, who visits a site and goes for ten minutes reading everything on the landing page? When individuals visit your site, they’re typically searching for data and content that gives them that exact information.

Non-profit website design

Whatever you do to attract customers, you expect to get them to buy from you or donate. In a perfect world, you need them to do so online. However, for that to occur, you should make checkout a consistent process from beginning to end. If you accept buying or donations, you probably already use a money-transfer platform like Shopify or PayPal. We can integrate these platforms into your website so users can make their donations straightforwardly to the site.

Eventually, the general purpose of your nonprofit website is to produce donations or purchases. Accordingly, it’s essential to ensure that donating and buying are consistent.


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