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Role of Smartphone Applications in Education

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We have seen that children these days are very comfortable with electronic gadgets. Some of us may have already experienced a 14-year-old teaching us how to score big on an iPhone game or how to operate a particular app on a smartphone. The need to use these gadgets and equipment’s in teaching is evident from such examples.

It is an accepted fact that children learn quickly through games and good sporting activities. Nowadays App Store and Play Store on smartphones are the way to go for. There are thousands of applications out there to help teachers and students both.

Modern Day Education through Apps

Normally teachers are good at creating, organizing and conducting educational activities. However, they also feel the pressure at times. Modern apps can help greatly to achieve better performance in organizing, managing, and monitoring these student activities. Using apps for learning and teaching reduces paper usage and it is cost effective as well. We can save countless trees by just assigning quizzes, reading materials, and assignments through cloud storage apps.

Apps for School Management

School management face different kinds of tasks every day. They have to oversee, a substantial number of students, teachers, parents and office staff who are interlinked for day to day activities. In the near future, you may see teachers and students managing the entire school’s operations with a few smartphones and tablets loaded with useful applications.

Students with learning disabilities

One of the most important sections of students benefiting from iPhone and Android apps are children with learning disabilities. App Store and Play Store are filled with hundreds of apps which are of great help for these children.Apps like Learning Ally, Voice4U, and Zoom Reader are some examples. iPhone and Android apps are huge blessings for parents, teachers and schools, to help these kids learn more efficiently.

Role of smartphones in education


Smartphone apps are providing easy solutions for education, healthcare, entertainment and businesses. According to some statistics education apps were the second-most popular category in July 2014, with a share of 15% of all apps being learning apps. This increase suggests that apps will play a significant role in reshaping the future of education.