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Xamarin Application Development

Our Start-to-finish Xamarin Apps are Developed to Benefit and Appeal the Right Target Audience

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We develop Xamarin Apps which not only look like native apps but also functions as native apps. Using Xamarin cross-platform development software, we deliver native iOS, Android and Windows apps with a single shared .NET code base. Trust Keyideas to design and build Xamarin apps that will help you connect with your customers across the globe.

Getting Started:
  • Cross-platform development using Xamarin
  • Xamarin apps with native user interface
  • Apps having faster time-to-market
  • Xamarin reduces chances of errors
  • Provides variety of Layouts
  • Developers use 40+ controls
  • Xamarin Forms to create user interfaces
  • Option to create custom views - XAML layout
  • Xamarin apps with reduced maintenance

Benefits of Custom Xamarin Application Development

Through every stage of our design and development process, we optimize your Xamarin app for high value and superior usability for your end-customers. We at Keyideas develop mobile apps with Xamarin as it makes mobile programming more efficient and cost-effective still maintaining all the features of a natively developed app.

Xamarin App Targets all Platforms

Xamarin App development platform has a single code base for Android, iOS, and Windows. The same APIs, language and data structures - up to 90% can be used across all mobile platforms.

Xamarin and Cloud Database

Most mobile apps need to store data in the Cloud and Azure is an amazing Cloud Database for mobile applications. DocumentDB, a cloud-native solution and Xamarin are ideal for use in Cloud architecture.

Native Look and Fell of Xamarin App

Apps built using Xamarin have a standard native user interface. Our developed Xamarin Apps not only look the way end users expect but they also function as Native Apps – without writing long lines of codes.

Reduces Cost and Time

Shortened app development time – as it maximizes code sharing. By using Xamarin form we can reduce the amount of time and effort required to retain the user interface’s look and feel for Android, iOS and Windows phone.

Cross-platform App Development

Xamarin mobile app development enables apps to be developed in a short period because 90% of the code is reused. Thus Xamarin mobile app development is an easy and cost-effective solution.

Allow Rapid Prototyping of Apps

Xamarin Form applications are native code written in C#. It is a cross-platform UI toolkit that allows the creation of native user interface layouts. It follows the concept of write once and running anywhere.

Hire Xamarin Developers for Customized Xamarin Projects:

Hire dedicated Xamarin programmers from our team in India who closely analyze your requirements and develop the most suitable Xamarin app meeting all specifications. The growing popularity of Xamarin platform has made business owners realize the rich business opportunities offered by cross-platform apps. To get outright solutions for your Xamarin development, the perfect place to hire developers is Keyideas as we offer flexible hiring methods.
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Xamarin App Development Services to Help Your Business Grow:

Xamarin allows us to create a single base code, hence allowing writing the code once and reuse. We at Keyideas use C# and native libraries wrapped in the .Net layer for cross-platform Xamarin app development. Our developers use Xamarin for app development as it embraces the unique features of each platform, producing feature-rich apps.

Developer Proficiency

  • Developers with Good English communication skills
  • Familiar with Version Control tools SVN, GitHub, Microsoft TFS, & Bitbucket
  • Ability to write clean readable code in latest programming languages
  • Solid grasp on the object-oriented programming frameworks thus reducing the app’s time-to-market
  • Basic & advanced architectural ideas – Layers, SDLC
  • Strict adherence to high-quality module deliverables
  • Hire dedicated developers working on latest technologies to help you get an extra edge
  • Certified and Experienced development team

Top Rated Software Development Services

  • Seamless communication through Phone/Skype/Email
  • Extensive use of Project & Bug Management Tools such as Basecamp, Planio, Jira
  • Custom application development projects at competitive prices
  • Flexible hiring model for Smart, efficient and diligent workforce
  • We strictly follow Non-Disclosure, Non-Compete and Intellectual Property Agreement
  • 95% on-time delivery and regular project reporting
  • Hire experienced & qualified professionals
  • Best App Development Company rated by GoodFirms, CrowdReviews, Clutch & Extract



We analyze your project requirements and after a feasibility study suggest you the ideal and most efficient developer.


We filter developers’ resumes aligned with your project requirements and forward it to your HR team for shortlisting.


We allocate the selected highly technical developer to your project to provide focused and dedicated services.


The developer is selected for the assignment and the project is initiated after the initial payment of the allotted resources.


The resource is committed to your project and work for stipulated hours, allowing you to manage your project time.

Xamarin Portfolio

Keyideas builds custom Xamarin applications that are primarily driven by the ambition to make our clients more successful. Our portfolio helps them derive a higher return on investment (ROI).

We've Worked With A Variety Of Incredible Clients
  • Gaming and Entertainment Company
  • A Tech company
  • IT Service Management Company
  • A Large Mobile Phone Development Company
  • Large Telecom Company
  • Product Development Outsourcing Company
  • Mobile Phone Company from Latin America
  • Global Leader in Software Outsourcing
  • Computer Manufacturing company
  • Global Energy Company from Europe
  • Chicago Based Jewellers
  • A large Computer Software and Database Company
  • Consumer Electronics Company
  • An E-commerce Company
  • Online Fashion Retailer
  • Oil & Gas Company
  • Software Development and Outsourcing Company
  • A Non-Profit Organization
  • Healthcare and Medical Technologies Firm
  • Non Profit USA based organization