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Software Application Testing Services

Quality Assurance and Software Testing for Bug-free applications.

Software Application Testing Company in USA & India

Keyideas offers a range of Quality Assurance and Software testing services for multiple platforms ranging from mobile to web and across the Cloud. QA is an integral part of the software development lifecycle. We test using a unique blend of methodology, tools, and technology thus improving the reliability of the software application.

Software Application Testing Company in USA & India

Functional Testing

Functional testing is performed to verify that the software application meets all requirements and performs functions according to design specifications.

Load Testing

Keyideas has a vast pool of skilled professional testers. We conduct load testing in order to understand the behavior of the application, under a specific expected load.

Agile Testing

We practice agile testing to test software for bugs or performance issues following the principals of agile software development i.e. iterative development methodology.

Mobile Testing

We have specialized skills and approach to cover all your mobile testing needs in a variety of mobile devices with different mobile operating systems.

Performance Testing

The software performance is tested to ensure it is reliable, working at each stage of the development lifecycle under normal load, at peak periods and during stress.

Exploratory Testing

Exploratory testing or ad hoc testing uses black box testing techniques as it is intellectually simulated rather than execution of scripted tests.

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Top Reasons Why You Should Consider Keyideas for Software Testing

Our streamlined QA process delivers software applications with consistent results. It has always been our endeavor to provide efficient and Software Testing services to all our clients. Our testing capabilities accelerate and improve application performance across the enterprise.

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  • Latest Test Automation Tools in the Market

    Our test automation services are performed utilizing functional test tool available in the market. We execute test case suites and use the tools to run test cases repeatedly, to increase the effectiveness and the speed of the software testing cycle.

  • 2
  • Helps Reduce Manual Effort Drastically

    Manually running the tests over and over again is waste of time. Test automation tools do the boring job - it will automate your tests quickly, efficiently and in a reliable way. You can focus on testing critical applications or scenarios that help business to enhance efficiency and productivity.

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  • Successful Test Collaboration with Team

    Create test case and get them reviewed by business users, developers and testers to get feedback on the testing various testing scenarios. We follow the process of test case review as it ensures the coverage of functionality mentioned in the requirement specification.

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  • Offers Flexible, Affordable Pricing

    Keyideas testing services are within your budget limits. Get affordable subscription plans for downloadable, on-premise functional, performance and load test automation solutions. Easily switch from one license type to another. Get test automation subscriptions at minimum cost per month.

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  • Fully Support Testing Practices

    We provide full testing support to elevate the quality of your app or application. Our clients receive priority support during their trial period. We'll guide you step-by-step to make sure your software testing succeeds and provide full support for all integration testing.

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  • Named "Visionary" by Gartner, Winner by Customers

    Keyideas is part of the 2013 Gartner Magic Quadrant report for Integrated Software Quality Suites. It has further won numerous awards like ATI Automation Honors, Best of TechEd, VS Reader's Choice and more. Hundreds of customers like Symantec, GE, and Dell rely on Keyideas.

Software Testing Portfolio

Keyideas software tested applications are primarily driven by the ambition to make our clients more successful. Our portfolio helps them derive a higher return on investment (ROI).

We've Worked With A Variety Of Incredible Clients
  • Gaming and Entertainment Company
  • A Tech company
  • IT Service Management Company
  • A Large Mobile Phone Development Company
  • Large Telecom Company
  • Product Development Outsourcing Company
  • Mobile Phone Company from Latin America
  • Global Leader in Software Outsourcing
  • Computer Manufacturing company
  • Global Energy Company from Europe
  • Chicago Based Jewellers
  • A large Computer Software and Database Company
  • Consumer Electronics Company
  • An E-commerce Company
  • Online Fashion Retailer
  • Oil & Gas Company
  • Software Development and Outsourcing Company
  • A Non-Profit Organization
  • Healthcare and Medical Technologies Firm
  • Non Profit USA based organization