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As a top web design company, we try to keep it simple, even our website design process. Web design needs to act as a growth engine and should achieve all your goals, generate leads, and nurture sales opportunities in the most timely and cost-efficient way.

Customer Meeting

Customer Meeting

We listen to you and your ideas. We ask questions and try to understand your expectations.

To Do

To Do

We carefully plan the next steps, divide the web design project into sprints.

Market Research

Market Research

We research you, your competition, and your target audience and come up with the best design.



Using our experience, we’ll organize every page of the website that is both intuitive and productive.



We like to go live. We specialize in developing a website so that you start generating business.



Our designers and developers work together along with the quality assurance team to launch your site.

Why do you need a top web design company?

Quality Matters

Online users are more and more discerning about how websites should look, feel, and work. We provide the highest attention to detail and use the latest and time-tested technologies.

Website Maintenance

Get all the benefits such as lower costs, flexibility, portability, and most importantly – you fully own your website. We offer robust website maintenance packages for your peace-of-mind.


KEYIDEAS has been in business for over ten years. Our success is driven by ongoing client relationships, many lasting for over seven years.

Responsive Design

We create responsive websites that will look beautiful on any device from a large screen desktop computer to tablets all the way down to smartphones.

SEO Ready

Your website will have the right structure and be SEO-ready so search engines can discover your site.

Speed and User-friendliness

Our websites have beautiful graphics and sustainable content and have the ability to load fast and deliver content quickly.

B2B Business Website Design Experience

Depending on the project scope, we expect a few weeks to a few months before the launch. Based on our bandwidth, we can execute websites on an urgent basis. Just ask!

We’re usually able to deliver the initial phase of a business website re-design in 2-3 months.

Typically each project is assigned a Single Point of Contact (SPOC), web designer, developer, tester, and a digital strategist. Based on the business website development project’s size and scope, we may add additional designers, developers or content writers.

Creating or redesigning a website requires a lot of coordination with you. That’s why we love the use of project management and communication tools such as BaseCamp, Plan.io, Asana, Skype, GoToMeeting, and TeamViewer.

This process helps us know what our client and their users want on a business website. We send questionnaires to our customers to know what’s important to them. We take these inputs that help us with the design and overall look and feel of the site.

This part’s highly collaborative, and we enjoy our client’s input. We’ll be incorporating existing branding, gathering feedback on new elements, pitching aesthetics, and seeking approval on layouts.

We can work with an existing business website and improve them. However, it also depends on how the existing site was coded or developed. This can be worked out on a monthly retainer basis.

This question can not be answered on the spot. It’s like asking what a house or a trip costs – it always depends.

Each project is unique and requires not only great design but also strategic research, planning, and implementation. All these steps lead to the optimal results, which our clients appreciate so much.


We like the pro bono idea; Non-profit organizations and social enterprises, whose vision we support, receive a favorable price from us.

We follow the best techniques for optimizations and they involve minimizing server requests, compressing images, videos, CSS, javascript, and HTML. We check the site’s health on monthly basis and perform routine optimization tasks to keep the site well-trimmed and healthy ☺

It depends on where the majority of the business web site’s traffic is coming from – mobile devices or desktop browsers. The design is always optimized and made responsive to that it works on all devices.

You can always log in and change your texts and pictures without any programming knowledge or create new pages and blog posts. We mostly work with easy-to-use WordPress CMS.

We’ve worked with many clients across multiple industries, but we most often find ourselves working on business websites for clients in professional services, startups, industrial and technology fields.

From how the content of the page is structured to the placement of calls to actions, we can craft websites that funnel prospects into leads.

The most beautiful website does little if it is not found. So we plan search engine optimization during website conception stage.

But, proper SEO is a continuous process so please check with our sales team for prices and plans.

Certainly. We can guide you with hosting service provider and plan that is right for your business.

We not only help businesses integrate these tools, but we often consult on which tools are the best fit.

A brief and incomplete list of software we worked with in the past is Hubspot, Constant Contact, MailChimp, SendGrid and Zoho.

We do not offer round the clock support but we help during an emergency if required. Our team is based out of New Delhi, India.

We offer a full manual for our e-commerce website development platforms. We can also host a virtual training session using Skype, GoTo Meeting, Google Hangout to help train key staff members on general website management, inventory upload, price management, invoicing, etc.

Yes, our regular website maintenance (starts at $300/month) includes back-ups, updates, bug fixes, and performance testing.

If you can’t find the answer you are looking for or have concerns, email info@localhost or call us at 1-617-934-6763 for more information.

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