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Impact of Smartphones over Society

impact of smartphone and mobile app on Society - New York

The emergence of communication and computing for mobile consumer devices is on the evolutionary course to bring interoperability and leverage the services and functions of every industry. As a marketing strategy, Smartphone term was introduced, referring to a new class of mobile phones with integrated services like communication, mobile sectors including voice communication, messaging, personal information management and wireless communication capability. Initially, Smartphone’s were only perceived for business use due to higher cost, but not today, today we are in a frenetic impact of Smartphone on the society. The latest surveys show that the popularity of Smartphone is increasing in general public with much higher pace than it is increasing in any corporate sector. Earlier Smartphones were used as enterprise devices and were predominantly meant for corporate users. Smartphones have been around since 1993, but in reality, it reached general public when Apple introduced this in the mass consumer market.

Smartphones Revolutionized Society in Less Than a Decade

With more than 1 billion users worldwide and 2.5 million apps - available across Google and Apple’s digital marketplaces, smartphones are impacting day-to-day life in some surprising ways. The adoption of Smartphone has been tremendous all over the world. Surveys show that 80% of the world population use mobile devices and 42% of mobile subscribers in the US use Smartphone. According to a survey by Compete, a web analytics firm, a large number of people almost up to 65% is using their Smartphones to read news feeds, post status updates, read & reply to messages and post photos. This shows that now people are leaving PCs and moving towards Smartphones. According to analysts, the long dominated giants are experiencing bad times due to the rise of Smartphone and tablets, and the pressure to gain market share in mobile device market is causing fractures in long partnerships. It is true that still millions of PCs will continue to sell, but the Smartphones and tablets will see more considerable growth in future.

Smartphone Growth /Usage

Below figure shows the growth of Smartphones compared to PCs.

impact of smartphone and mobile app on Society - New York

In another survey, it is estimated that APPLE will sell 250 MILLION iPhone Smartphone units at an average expected price $575, generating nearly $144 BILLION in revenue, $77 BILLION as gross profit, and $47 BILLION as net income.

Impact of mobile apps development on Society - New York

Impacts of Smartphones on Society

Smartphones are popular among people for the applications they offer to the users. Smartphones make communications with people quite easier. People enjoy a lot of benefits in various forms of their daily work. Some advantages smartphones provide - better means of communication, learning options to users, great exposure to the latest things, ways to personality development, simple ways to access applications, ideas to succeed in business, platforms to grow their applications and more.

  1. Impact on Business
    Smartphones create new dimensions for business. It is not only the smartphone vendors enjoying business but also created a new domain for mobile application development companies, Internet service providers, and other related sectors.

  2. Impact on Education
    Smartphones provide a unique way to improve the quality of education. The use of Internet has become a part of life for every student. Internet together with Smartphones - provide an alternative channel to deliver education services and distance education.

  3. Health Impact
    According to surveys, more than 10 million users in the USA use Smartphone to search for health information and facilities. 27% of the users use smartphones for online activities. Today there are several apps to manage prescriptions, promote alternative treatment options, provide price comparison, and validate prescriptions. Today several apps are available to track exercise, diet and blood pressure - enabling smartphones to play a key role in the health sector.

  4. Psychological Impact
    Smartphones are said to reduce stress in busy work life. I today’s busy schedules mobile phones provide a means to interact with friends and families as an when they get time. The smart use of Smartphone increases your brain’s functioning helping to stay active. Instead of using Smartphone only for entertainment it could be used to access useful information, for example, access the news headlines, latest technology updates, and more.

  5. Social Impact
    Social life has been drastically changed with the introduction of smartphones and this domain has encountered most of the impact from the use of smartphones. Smartphones play an important role in the integration process of people with special needs, elderly age and with some sort of disabilities.

Concluding Note

It is true that smartphone has a sizeable impact on society and other aspects of life. Smartphone has impacted almost all walk of human life. The prominent areas, where impacts of Smartphone are obvious include business, education, health and social life. Mobile technology has drastically changed the cultural norms and individual behaviors. The impacts are both on the positive side and also on the negative side. There are several ways that can help control and minimize the negative impact of Smartphone use in the society by educating the users on how to use Smartphones smartly. The Smartphone is only a pocket-sized PC today but the device seems to have limitless potential!

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