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How accurate are the Health Technology apps?

Health sector is the fastest growing area related to all applications available in the market. An estimated number of more than 600 million people use smartphones to access health apps. There are several types of apps available in the market today. It is believed that healthcare apps are transforming the medical world for both patients and doctors. These uncountable health-related apps on both iOS and Android today are soon to bring a revolution as every human being has health hazards at some point of time. There are thousands of apps that claim to be useful; hence it is a challenge to figure out the right app for the right purpose. Health technology apps are now being integrated as native web apps and are inbuilt in the smartphones.

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There are several types of healthcare apps with different usage. Some are fitness or nutritional apps designed to help customers make healthier choices in their everyday life. The second type of apps, help doctors and patients maintain a communication channel from remote locations by exchanging data related to the illness. The third type of app is aimed at the physicians themselves – to keep accurate and updated records of their patients’ health. These apps provide easy access to the information in just a click without having to hunt files and prescriptions to get an updated status of the patient.

Health apps are primarily used for monitoring. These mobile apps pull together an array of information that are collected from different sources and displays them at one location. Moreover it also saves the patient’s history over a long period of time providing in hand knowledge of the various treatments the patient has undergone. In addition they can also help to boost the communication between patients and doctor thus assisting in a better diagnosis. These apps also provide rapid access to published algorithms for decision making in case of chronicle diseases or during an emergency.

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These apps are used in different verticals of the medical domain. Diabetic patients need to constantly monitor their blood glucose level and there are several healthcare apps in the market that together with the HealthKits help to track the blood glucose level. There are various apps for calorie count, diet apps, apps related to fitness, apps related to daily work outs and aerobics related apps which can be used by everyone. There are more specialized ones for doctors covering areas like 3D brain imaging, medication related and mental health related applications. Besides, there are apps catering to women health and also children health problems.

Research has shown that most medical calculating apps provide accurate and reliable results. Studies show that these apps calculate medical data accurately and hence can be confidently used in medical areas. Hybrid applications are highly accurate and are useful in reducing the chances of error affecting patients. Though wearable devices are seen as the next technology that will revolutionize the medial sector, but as of today the real benefits of this technology is yet to be explored. As smartphones are widely accessible and affordable hence its usage in the medical domain is highly acceptable due to it 100% accuracy levels.