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21 Aug, 2023

Xamarin Application Developers

Sofia is a start-up owner who is looking for cross-platform Xamarin application developers. Her company already had a web application but with limited mobile functionalities. Due to the changing trends, that concentrated much of the target audience is on mobile phones. So, she wanted to upgrade her mobile application which is specifically designed for that purpose with the help of professional Xamarin mobile app development services.

Besides, for better management of time and resources, she wants a form that could provide multiple controls and only need a single code that can be run on all platforms.

As a result of following insightful research she found out that Xamarin forms based on DOT NET framework could be a good choice for the stated purpose.

Moreover, it can provide multiple functionalities, solid coding infrastructure, cross-platform benefits, power-backed by Microsoft, and much more. Thereafter, to efficiently manage its resource she hired Keyideas Xamarin Application Developers.

Simultaneously, this allowed her to focus on her ideas rather than engineering and other technicalities. Hence that saved 80% of her time to market her digital product. As a result, her customer base increased to 5x and her ROI to 300%.

Xamarin indeed is a powerful platform for developing feature-rich mobile applications. Likewise, if your story resonates with Sofia and you are looking for experts that can utilize Xamarin functionalities to their complete potential then this article is for you.

Understanding The Power Of Xamarin For Cross-Platform App Development

Formerly, launched in 2011 by a private entity Xamarin revolutionized the concept of Xamarin mobile app development. By understanding the need of the hour and the potential of the platform soon in 2016 Microsoft acquired Xamarin.

Undeniably, Xamarin is a powerful tool for mobile developers. Moreover, a seamless blending of this platform with Microsoft Visual Studious provides developers with a perfect playground to execute their creative ideas into their applications.

Therefore, Xamarin app developers utilize it for unfolding the potential of this platform. They can help you with this.

  • Developing a better-performing mobile application for your mobile users.
  • Creating a smooth coding infrastructure for a functional application.
  • Adding beautiful and Mesmerizing layout and styling to delight your users.
  • Expand your tech capabilities with a team of professional developers and designers.
  • Your go-to guide for enhancing your work as an innovative and trending online business.
  • And also Setting a competitive advantage by following the best Xamarin mobile app development practices.

Hiring The Xamarin Application Developers: Migration Service To New-Age MAUI Technology

Microsoft is adopting new-age technologies to provide its users with more features and benefits in their services. Hence, switching to the Maui platform carries multiple advantages.

Since MAUI is the evolution in the Xamarin. All the applications that are based on Xamarin were gradually shifted to this new platform. If you are starting up with your mobile application you should go for MAUI or if you already have an app based on Xamarin you should plan ahead to migrate it to MAUI.

Furthermore, it will not only allow you to introduce new functionalities to your current applications. But, also keep you ahead and adapt to the upcoming changes in technology. Our developers provide you with full-stack migration services for a modern-day application.

  • Hot Reloading.
  • Update and Backup facilities.
  • New controls and layouts.
  • Native UI rendering.
  • Compatibility testing and tech set-up.
  • Update Dependencies, Port Ui, Replace obsolete APIs.
  • Adjust project structure.
  • Testing and Quality Assurance.
  • And also update tooling and coding infrastructure.

In short, migration from Xamarin to MAUI involves several steps and considerations to ensure a smooth transition.

The Expertise And Skills Of Xamarin Application Developers

Concurrently over 16+ years, we have worked with multiple industries across the world including clients from the United States, Australia, and countries in Europe. In this time, we have worked in various niches of enterprises and B2B set-ups.

Hence, let’s look at the services provided by our best Xamarin Application Developers.

Cost And Time Efficiency With Xamarin Application Development

On the whole we provide 100% satisfaction to our customers. Especially in terms of timely delivery of the project. Moreover, we have multiple cost-effective packages and plans that fit your budget and don’t make holes in your pocket.

Seamless Integration With Native Features And APIs Using Xamarin

In addition, get seamless API add-ups including third-party integrations to your mobile application. We follow a one-time process that enables the smooth functioning of the specific APIs on all the platforms efficiently.

Expertise with Xamarin C#

Certainly, C# is the primary language used in Xamarin, making it essential for developers to have expertise in it. With C# expertise our developers can leverage Xamarin features, access platform specific APIs, and write code that can be shared across different platforms, reducing the overall Xamarin mobile app development time and efforts.

UI/UX Design For Xamarin Application

Without a doubt, about 90% of users stop engaging with your application if the user experience is not up to the mark. Our UI UX design agency make sure your users stick to your application and find value in your digital presence. We follow a robust design process by understanding your user behavior and user journey analysis and performing A/B testing for a fail-proof UI/UX design.

Improved Collaboration From Our Xamarin Application Developers

Moreover, we believe in a productive and collaborative approach. Every Xamarin mobile app development stage we proceed to is kept transparent. Then, we actively and consistently stay in touch with you to understand your requirements and make the required changes that you want to see in your mobile application.

M-Commerce Development Services

Formerly, if you have a basic website or web application for eCommerce and want a feature-rich mobile version of it. We can help you. Our ecommerce web developer‘s team transforms your online business into a functional mobile application that your users can run on their mobile and shop at any time of the day.

  • Filters and Categorization of Products.
  • Secure payment gateways.
  • Customer reviews and suggestion column.
  • VR and AI integration.
  • Inventory integration and much more.
  • And also Expert Consultation & Guidance For Applications.

Robust Testing For A Flawless Application

Testing is deciding factor for a fail-proof application. It tells us what needs to be changed, removed, or fixed in the current framework of your mobile application. We utilized the various testing functionalities provided by the Xamarin platform and also carried out other application testing principles that includes functionality testing, integration testing, unit testing, usability testing, performance testing, etc.

Our team work as your extended arm and hence provide in-depth technical consultations for a productive mobile application that fulfills your business goals and delights your users. We stay connected with our clients and continuously engage with the stakeholders which enables us to create customized and unique applications every time.

Updates and Maintenance From Our Xamarin Application Developers

Keeping your applications up-to-date is our duty. We perform regular updates for your applications to keep it up and running all the time. Our expert team maintain your application fix all the bugs and error time to time and keep the performance consistent.

Graphic Design Services & Digital Marketing

Good graphics are a sign of a good website. Your customers will love an application with fast-loading images and high-definition graphics. Don’t worry our graphic design firm are an all-in-one application development agency that specializes in graphic design as well.

We take care of all your digital presence including providing you top-notch digital marketing services. Our digital marketing specialists provide you with email marketing, SEO, content marketing, and social media marketing services.

Xamarin Mobile App Development

Elevate Your Xamarin Mobile App Development With The Expertise Of Our Developers

Selecting our Xamarin Mobile App development company will allow you to fully utilize cross-platform capabilities. With the help of our team of coding professionals, you can quickly create a compelling application. MAUI Development Services and MAUI Migration Services provide you with all-around support for this advanced transformation to make your application future-proof.

Regardless of whether it’s an iOS or an Android device, we ensure that your software runs flawlessly everywhere. Read our latest LinkedIn article Why Hire Xamarin App Developers is the Key to Build Powerful Cross-Platform Applications right away to learn more about our services. Check our ASP.NET mobile app development agency for more details.

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