Top E-commerce Trends You Should Look Out For!

E-commerce Website revenues are expected to rise every year. Worldwide retail e-commerce sales reached $2.290 trillion last year, and are set to hit $4.479 trillion by 2021. E-commerce trends are constantly shifting. Over the years e-commerce has been receiving broadened acceptance.

Latest ecommerce trends

As the buying and selling products online become increasingly popular, the websites aim to make the online shopping experience even more seamless.

List of Buzzword E-commerce Trends

Today, e-commerce influences up to 56% of in-store purchases, while itself represents almost 10% of U.S. retail sales, and that figure is growing by nearly 15% annually. As these figures suggest, stores can no longer survive without being present on their customers’ preferred channels. Hence, retailers need to integrate digital commerce to thrive. In this article, we present the top notable e-commerce trends you should watch out for – and capitalize on them.

Trend #1 Smartphone Revenues To Overtake Desktop Revenue E-commerce

E-commerce Website Development Trends

A large part of the smartphone revenue is driven by the ideas – of fully functional and secure responsive websites and dedicated applications. It is impressive to note is that online sales continued to grow over the years. Stats on e-commerce show that online sales have risen almost perfectly exponentially at 16.2% per year, and e-commerce revenue has doubled over the past 5 years. So, where is that 16% growth in e-commerce coming from year after year? You guessed it – the smartphone.

Trend #2 iBeacon Will Drive E-commerce Retail Sales

With its adoption in retail stores, businesses use it to target potential customers by utilizing it in malls, restaurants, museums, international events, conferences, and more. Many mobile application development companies incorporate the iBeacon app iBeacon app to bridge the gap between online and offline retail stores. Thus, improving the business sales and profits. Primarily, it allows retailers to transmit the special information to shoppers within 10-50 meters. Registered shoppers get notifications about special offers, new products, and related discounts.

Trend #3 Rise of Messenger App And Chatbots In E-commerce Trends

Chatbots provide an immediate connection with customers on a 24/7 basis. Nearly 60% of customers have already used chatbots, and 71% say they would like to try one. Chatbots primarily operate through messenger apps, and businesses can use them to send customers personalized content, suggest purchases, and offer special deals. Chatbots narrow the gap of personalization that online buyers otherwise face while shopping. Chatbots initiate a real-like conversation with the customers and help businesses reach a bigger audience. Also, transform the customer experience to a whole new level of online shopping.

Trend #4 Customer-Centric Technology – Voice Search

Stats say that 40% of the customers generally use a voice assistant before making a purchase. The number is estimated to pass 50% by 2021. Currently, most voice searches seek answers to simple questions – like users order pizza, research a restaurant, or find the closest ATM. In voice search, the next big thing in e-commerce. In essence, voice search is about returning the right results to a spoken query, whether it’s through a phone, home assistance device, or connected car.

Trend #5 Social Media- The Latest E-commerce Buzzworld

Social media has become an essential, must-have tool for marketers, especially when it comes to brand building and engaging potential customers. Brands need to gain a significant understanding of social media marketing and become experts in site building, content development, and marketing. Social Media is not just an advertisement but all about truly engaging with one’s customers.

Trend #6 Increased Use Of UI/UX To Increase Conversions

UI / UX design aims to improve the outlook of a site to make it more simple, transparent, coherent, and user-friendly. In short, it aims to make site navigation as easy as possible. In other terms, it should be a product that is super easy to use, a website where one can quickly find the exact desired thing. Implementing responsive web design has become a necessity today. It emphasizes a streamlined user interface and viewing experience, coupled with easy reading and navigation, enabled through resizing and scrolling.

Trend #7 Digital Wallet Payments

Despite the rising popularity of digital wallets, using traditional non-contactless payments terminals is on the rise. Being able to store your bank details or access a real-time payment method means faster and more spontaneous purchases – without the need to locate or enter a customer’s debit or credit card details. The lack of payment options could be one of the reasons behind many abandoned checkouts in e-commerce. The latest research suggests that retailers should not underestimate or ignore payment preferences among e-commerce shoppers. Digital wallets offer the ability for retailers to get closer to customers than ever before.

Trend #8 Loyalty Programs

With the young generation becoming tech-savvy, there is a need to find new ways to attract and keep customers in this fast-moving era. The fastest way of doing this is by introducing loyalty programs or giving exclusive offers to returning customers. Research shows that 72% of customers are more likely to shop at specific retail if it offers customer loyalty schemes. Hence, the primary purpose and importance of loyalty programs is to build legitimate customers.

Trend #9 Invest in Creative Content

Consumers spend 48% of their time on the company’s website, 38% on online comparisons, and review sites, 22% on social media. The power of e-commerce content comes into play for this. It means integrating suitable descriptive components into the product offer made up of text, interactive videos, and, increasingly, voice content. Brand new content helps to give a more detailed perception of the product, making it better known to the customer and contextualizing it within a positive purchasing experience. If your website has blogs and posts of the latest trends, the audience will connect more and spend more time on your e-store. Therefore, resulting in more conversations.

Trend #10 Go Omni-Platform

The last thing anyone would wish is to lag in the e-commerce curve – one needs to know everything from mobile payments to cutting-edge analytics tools and more. From shopping malls shutting their doors to massive retail layoffs, the future has a different story to present. But thought leaders have been predicting this for years, so it’s time to ask: Is retail dying? Or is it simply evolving? It is important to have your e-business presence in offline and digital stores. It is better to be ubiquitous and grow your retailing to high levels. But in reality, digital marketers have been successful to bring that shopping experience online!

Future E-commerce Trends

Embracing these trends while planning e-commerce web design will help retailers to succeed. Overall, focusing on the end consumer is a big key in e-commerce. Focus on finding where your target customer is and then showing up with convenience and support. No matter who your audience is, they can’t purchase your product offering if they don’t know about it. But, don’t neglect traditional channels in pursuit of new ones, maintain a balanced omnichannel strategy to keep both existing and potential customers happy. Not sure how to manage an omnichannel strategy effectively? We are here to help.

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