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10 Most Effective Ways To Market Your iPhone Apps

23 Mar, 20156 mins read


10 Most Effective Ways To Market Your iPhone Apps

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There is nothing wrong when we say that to market Android apps are less profitable than to market iPhone apps. iPhone app development has become a very lucrative business over the years and that is why the number of iPhone developers is constantly on the rise. Similarly, many companies want to have an iPhone app of their own because a carefully designed and developed app can help them boost their profits. However, promoting an app is perhaps the most difficult part of the entire process. For those developers who are looking to leverage the opportunities offered by the iPhone app market, the following are the 10 most effective methods to promote their apps.

Social Networking:

One of the best methods to promote your app is to use your social media accounts. Post regularly about your app explaining what is it about and how people can benefit from it. Similarly, you can also submit your app to various bookmarking websites such as Reddit, stumble upon and Digg, etc. These websites announce your app to a greater and wider target audience.

Submit your App for Review:

If you want to make your app a success, you must get positive reviews by submitting it to popular app review websites in the likes of Apps Safari, mobilestartupz.com, and appstoreapps.com, etc. This is the best method to get initial publicity for your app and if it manages to get people’s attention, it will easily get noticed in the iPhone app development industry.

Create a Professional Website Design or Landing Page:

Creating a professional Website Design or landing page with a suitable domain name and carefully chosen keywords is another method to go about the business of promoting your app. Help your visitors beware of the usefulness and features of the app by adding screenshots and some description. Similarly, you can also create a forum on the website for user query and don’t forget to collect customer feedback.

Advertising your app is a great idea regardless of the type and nature of the app. You can buy some ad space from the websites that offer such services. Similarly, you can also contact other bloggers to advertise your app through ads. You can get a good user base and make your app reach a large number of people through different types of advertisements.

Use Free Content:

You can always promote your app on relevant communities, forums, and tech blogs, etc. Many forums rank apps based on the votes received from the users. Similarly, you can also leverage the power of blogs and forums, which can introduce your app to millions of people without spending a penny. You can also create some exciting free videos about your app and upload them on YouTube, Dailymotion, and Vimeo, etc.

Create Free Trial Versions:

You can tempt a large number of people to use your app by creating a free version (either ad-supported or trial). You can give users the option to buy the full version if they require more functionality. However, you can generate enough profits from an ad-supported app as well.

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Search Marketing:

You can also make full use of different search engines to promote your app. Yahoo and Bing Search Marketing and Google AdWords help you market your app by selecting appropriate keywords. You can also directly link the app to the iTunes store by selecting the right budget and keywords.


iPhone application development agencies are a growing industry and there are many forums dedicated to discussing mobile apps including iPhone apps. You can also create a dedicated forum for your app which will help you to gain popularity for your app, retain your customers, and maintain stability. You can easily create an active forum on your Facebook page or website to connect with the users and get their feedback.

Giveaways and Coupons:

You can do a great deal of favor to yourself by promoting your app through a discounted coupon or free giveaways. If you have launched your app just recently, a giveaway can help your website gain some initial interest among people. You can also gain popularity by offering free T-shits, and cups, etc.


You can get recognition and identity for your app by collaborating with people of influence in the iPhone app marketing industry. You can find like-minded yet well-known people such as newspaper journalists and tech bloggers, request them to promote your app, and offer something in return. It is also a great idea to collaborate with your minor competitors to jointly grow and compete with giants of the industry.

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