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Influence of Mobile Apps on Retail Store Sales

Consumer adoption of mobile devices is growing at an exponential rate with technology continuing to advance at warp speed, novel approaches seem limited only by the imagination. The proliferation of mobile phones and smart apps is having a dramatic effect on retail sales, predicting this will influence 17-21% of store retail sales by 2016 – equating to $689 billion in mobile influenced store sales. The in-store experience has become so permeated with some of the recent mobile enhancements where shopping looks more like an online experience. Some of these recent mobile enhancements include pre-shopping research, geo apps, mobile RFID, mPOS, advanced on-floor assistance and other mobile delivered capabilities. Mobile is already having a major impact on store sales, and its influence is only increasing. Consumer behaviors are changing profoundly, only because the ways the technology is now being used as part of the shopping process.

Shopping On Mobile

In a recent study conducted, it was found that as many as 90% of mobile-equipped customers used their devices for pre-shopping activities. Customers using iPhone apps, iPad or Android apps, use their devices to look up store hours, locations and directions before they step into a store and create their shopping lists. These customers also searched for coupons and promotions, discount deals offered by the stores, compared prices and their reviews before making their purchase.

Mobile Pre-Shopping Activityw

As mobile devices has become more ubiquitous in the brick-and-mortar environment and growing every minute, our mobile application development team continues to produce new features and experience for our clients who are into retail industry to attract their targeted customers. Our engineers strive to work towards building a new experience for your customers to enhance your business.

Today, mobile is retailers’ automation device of choice to help associates enhance the store experience for both customer facing applications and those behind the scenes.