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e-Commerce without Mobile App Can’t Get You Success!

e-Commerce companies have witnessed a boom over the last few years and the way they have grown, clearly shows the consumers' love for going digital. Retailers can gain a huge advantage by investing in a custom mobile application development which streamlines their business. Understanding these changes in consumer behavior is primary for e-Commerce companies to succeed. Mobile covers 40% of all e-commerce transactions worldwide. Consumers look for end-to-end mobile solutions to fulfill their shopping needs. Hence, an e-Commerce application should have provision for selling products, handling transactions, order fulfillment, marketing and much more. Technology, these days, has evolved in such a way that almost anything and everything can be fitted in a smartphone, thanks to mobile application development company like Keyideas.

Mobile apps development for eCommerce

Mobile is increasingly becoming the most important tenet of e-Commerce needs and is the major ‘singular’ force driving growth in the e-Commerce sector. The rising number of smartphones makes e-Commerce apps a necessity for businesses. The growing demand for e-Commerce mobile app has announced a separate world of mobile app development. Many enterprises are turning to mobile application development companies to streamline the implementation of e-Commerce apps thus reducing cost and complexity.

The global mobile commerce market size is currently estimated at $298 billion.
The mobile commerce market size in the US is currently estimated at $71.16 billion.
One-third traffic on top e-Commerce sites comes from mobile.

The Age of e-Commerce Mobile App

The mobile technology has become the need of the hour. Most of the mobile application development companies build e-Commerce apps that strike a chord with your target audience. Keyideas is one such trusted mobile application development company, which carries expertise in handling mobile application development, especially in mobile app technologies. The custom mobile app is a necessity for an e-Commerce app company to stay relevant and competitive.

Enhanced Features and Aesthetics

e-Commerce Mobile apps that allow people to make purchases from their home and also get a lot of other features related to a brand are becoming more and more popular. The mobile application development environments have been growing phenomenally in the past few years and now each of the platforms for the app has an integrated development environment that facilitates application development.

Ease of Access and Maintenance

Having a custom mobile app allows businesses to control most of their interactions from day one instead of using the external application. No dependencies on external apps and one can personally oversee the maintenance. Business should keep an eye on the latest trends to align their mobile application development strategy.

Push Notifications

A Small but Highly Rewarding Niche - Push notifications are highly effective in increasing Click-through Rates. Stats show that there’s a 40% CTR for most push-notifications. Smartly tailored push notifications are able to reach out to more users in a better way and keep them engaged. The team at Keyideas keeps a close eye on the mobile trends and technologies, thus aligning their mobile application development strategies to these latest trends.

Users prefer Apps for Shopping but not Mobile Browser

When polled, 78% of users said they would rather access their favorite shopping services via a mobile app than within their mobile browsers. Apps make the shopping experience faster, more secure, and users never have to worry about remembering a URL. In this case e-Commerce, mobile application development would be a great advantage and a feature full time-saver.

Consumer Preference & Awareness

In today's fast-paced world, e-Commerce mobile apps make tasks quicker and more efficient as consumers rely extensively on apps to improve their shopping experience. Businesses should evaluate the type of application they want to build and how much customization they need by rightly targeting the mobile application development platform. Mostly the mobile application development is tailored to every project, thus providing a custom-made solution which is right for your e-Commerce business.

In Retrospect

With the digital solution available today, finding, targeting and converting a market segment has never been so accessible. Many of the surveyed smartphone users 39% said they prefer to use a laptop or desktop because of screen size and website functionality. If you are wondering where to begin in mobile application development, then contact mobile companies, today. Tech companies like Keyideas main focus is to advocate mobile-exclusive products delivered to global clients. Creating an app for your e-Commerce store can get a business to the fingertips of millions of customers and having said this, it is hard to find an excuse for not having a mobile app built for your e-Commerce business.