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Why we prefer CodeIgniter over other PHP frameworks?

While PHP, many would tell you is a loosely typed language, one that you can master using a simple notepad, the assumption is quite true, but neither accurate nor precise. Power & hence longevity of any programming language today relies on its object oriented features, this is where frameworks kick in. A framework promises your application higher productivity, short development time, code reuse, independence of design from programming and much more.

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They do those using support programs, built-in libraries, API’s, sample code snippets, documentation and varying compilers. Codeigniter, laravel, Zend, Cakephp and Yii are few of most talked about frameworks for PHP. But yet, Codeigniter stands out as the best of lot, why?

I. Codeigniter is mature:

Codeigniter, truly is one of the oldest and most reliable frameworks for PHP, an attribute that makes it the ideal choice for top dedicated web developers.

II. Codeigniter is lightweight and highly efficient:

One of the most prominent features of codeigniter is its extremely light weightiness, additionally with its small footprint, it ensures you write only what you need; no bloats.

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CodeIgniter with MVC pattern

III. Simple, attractive and user-friendly interface:

Codeigniters easy to use interface ensures developers understand their code, without any unnecessary complexity or glitches normally found in laravel and other frameworks, hence lifting Codeigniter to newbies favorite choice.

IV. Supports MVC:

With Model View Controller, it makes your applications secure, fast, reusable and consisting of independent modules. Alongside for small or rather especial applications, you can make applications independent of MVC, using method chaining.

V.Strongly documented, vast support & a large community of developers:

Codeigniter provides an extensive documentation support for developers, including sample cases (where appropriate) on classes, libraries, API’s, even how to start. Similarly, its maturity blesses fresh starters with a prodigious community of experience developers and thorough support.

VI. File uploading & other classes:

Most real world applications today involves file sharing of some sort, with its file uploading class Codeigniter leaves others like CakePhp behind when it comes to developing applications of this lot. Also with ftp, compression, cart and other classes, one only needs to inherit them and use their easy to implement interfaces.

CodeIgniter for your website

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VII. A sack full of magic tricks:

Summarizing, with a vast array of libraries, including database, email configuration, data validation, session management and other commonly used development features, Codeigniter has everything already done for you, making web application development only a matter of minutes.