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21 Sep, 2016

UX is about two things – The User and the Experience. The effectiveness of an online platform solely depends on the user experience, known as customer satisfaction. The website should be easy to navigate, simple to operate, and offer unique benefits to the users. From a design perspective, UX is as essential as the aesthetic component of any website since the ultimate goal is to have the best-looking one. User experience in all aspects plays a major role in designing attractive online websites. It is also essential for creating a high-quality website to attract more traffic.

Creating Positive User Experience

Proper web design can improve the overall user experience of a website by making users feel better about it. Following are some measures that can help gain high-quality UX.

Aspire for Consistent Web Design

Inconsistency can simply make even the most beautiful design completely unusable. It also makes users invest more time and effort into learning how to use the product, and no matter how beautiful the product is, it can quickly become ugly for users if they become confused along the way.

Responsive Web Design the Best Approach for Functional UX

Responsive web design not only improves the user experience but also has a positive effect on conversions. Some websites go a bit too far ahead of their mobile customers. Mobile customers sometimes hide their entire navigation menu under a small three-line symbol. The menus need to be shortened up but displayed and must provide a high-quality mobile experience. If the page has too many categories or groups, try combining them to shorten the list as grouping helps lot arrange the page into easily digestible categories.

Depending on various statistics, mobile device usage has increased from 125 percent to 3000 percent in the past few years. Today people are shopping, reading news, and browsing the web on their cell phones more than ever before. With mobile surfing increasing every year, improving the UX of the mobile site is more important than before. 40% of users abandon a web page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. 79% of users search for another site that displays well on their device to complete their task.

Superior Visual Hierarchy

Visual hierarchy is how we display items on a page/screen and call attention to them. A comprehensible ranking visual helps to communicate information and focus user attention on more important actions. This rule is even more crucial in web design because your competitors’ websites are only a click away. If users cannot find what they are looking for on your website, they will leave and won’t return.

Significantly Apply Visual Context

One should ensure that the design is visually understandable as to what elements on the site allow for user interactions. User interactions like buttons, links, and forms – must be made large enough to be easily clickable and placed far away from other page elements such that the user does not risk clicking the wrong ones. Provide mobile users with a ‘search’ field and implement filters to guide them to what they are looking for. Filters are an excellent method of reducing the number of search results.

Sophisticated Web Designing For UX

In the development of all digital resources and their importance increases when it comes to tools like websites. But if UX approaches are not acknowledged, a website will likely become untidy, chaotic, and hard to navigate. Usability and UX have become inter dependable. UX-based approaches consider how a user feels about the online platform, whereas usability refers to how easy it is to operate the online platform.

With a design focused on user experience, the company develops a positive bonding between the product and the customer. The reality is that to convert visitors to potential customers the site should have sophisticated features. It is critical to acknowledge customer desires for superb UX. UX is a wide-ranging subject and thus makes the platform simple to navigate, enjoyable to encounter, and valuable interactive. A quality UX/UI web design service helps to flourish your business with an attractive and new look – successfully reaching out to your target audiences. Give your users a positive experience, and they will reward you with their trust, loyalty, and business!

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