Five Years of Successful Web Development

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16 Apr, 2014

The odds are 98% of businesses fail in their first year. So five-plus years of success for a web development company in India or elsewhere is quite an accomplishment. The Keyideas CEO points out that surviving in the fast-paced, dog-eat-dog web application development world demands innovation, integrity, and a drive to deliver excellence. Only the most effective software outsourcing firms can successfully reach high milestones. Keyideas is proud to announce its fifth anniversary, serving the needs of clients around the world. The company received recognization from various organizations for its remarkable success in several web and software development projects throughout the globe. Attaining five years of success for a software development agency or elsewhere is quite an accomplishment, Keyideas leaders point out.

“Offshore software development companies come and go, but Keyideas continues to grow and enjoy great success thanks to the hard work, dedication, and talent of our entire team,” said Shreyes Kejariwal, CEO and founder. “Our teamwork has shown just how capable we are at serving our distinct niche while demonstrating our ability to adapt to the ever-changing digital world.”

Keyideas has created its brand identity by tailoring projects’ needs to meet the web and mobile application development of a rather diverse group of clients. Since its inception five years ago, the company has served several large SMEs and many start-ups to fulfill their unique software development needs.

Kejariwal credits Keyideas accomplishments to several guiding strategies that have helped set the website development company apart from its competition:

Embracing Growth In Web Development

According to, as the internet penetration in countries such as India and China continues to climb, 3 billion more digital users are expected to come online shortly. Already, the number of Internet-connected devices globally tops 12 billion, and the world’s store of data doubles every 20 months or so.

As worldwide digital access grows at light speed, Keyideas commits to meet its customer needs. While Keyideas has its headquarters in New Delhi, it recently expanded operations for better growth accommodation. The New Development Center, located in Ahmadabad, India, enables Keyideas to run its business operations in two different locations while supporting its ever-growing employee population and client base.

Not only has Keyideas added staff and workspace to keep up with the client demands, but it has also enhanced its business offerings to provide better service. The company founded its mobile app team just about a year ago. That highly talented team now has more than 80 apps to its credit in the iTunes app store and Google store. Keyideas continue to serve its clients with outstanding services.

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