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The Internet of Things And What it means to your business

“Execute as you read” could be the phrase that would relate to Internet of things on this article. Let’s start with operating your new television while you read the instruction manual – this is the possibility that the concept of internet of things (IoT) applications brings to the tech buzz world.

The concept of IoT is definitely going to touch or take over every life on this earth if not now or in the future. In fact, most of us are unknowingly into the world of internet of things. If this is a statement for individuals, then there is no point to discuss on how internet of things will produce effect on an organization and its business.

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Basically, IoT is embedding technology to respond to requests. Technology could be embedded over physical objects so that they respond to human commands. IoT has the prospective to completely build a modern method on how companies will operate. Of course at the present moment IoT would be a daunting task since it is delivering business through dynamic service rather than static delivery.

Whatever will be the vertical of your business, IoT has the capability and provision to penetrate as technology is the ruler in the world today. Real time monitoring of homes and offices to detect and monitor blackouts and circuit loads is a possibility under IoT. Electronic appliances that would respond on commands could all be operated remotely through IoT.

Business monitoring analysis could be the best thing that IoT could bring into table by allowing the count of customers walking into a store, accessing particular areas inside the store and finally zeroing on products. Such metrics could serve to analyze and plan business strategies.

Heart beat sensing fitness bands, pulse detecting rubber bands that measure required measurements from the human body or a smartphone tied to your wrist to measure your jogging speed are all the result of the birth of the concept of IoT. Healthcare IT has been touching unimaginable heights with the advent of technology and this clearly tells that IoT penetration into the world of healthcare is just not required but required mandatorily. With IoT monitoring inpatients conditions will not only restrict to nurses and hospital staff but doctors and other specialists outside the hospital area.

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IoT concepts are capable of handling huge amount of data traffic. They also offer storing current and historical data to later analyze and act accordingly. Data transmission in IoT can be done in the safest way since the concept supports privacy of data principles be it HIPAA in healthcare or sensitive data for Governments and Financial Institutions. IoT concepts are the best when it comes to response and results since technology is the base for their birth and existence.

IoT has the capability to poke into every subject that is possible in this world and if you are planning your business, a research on what would best suite an IoT concept could very well be the base for your business ideas.