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Responsive Website Design : Why is it important?

Responsive website design is a definitive approach to web design that is aimed at crafting your websites for better viewing and online experience on wide range of devices from desktop computers to mobile phones and tablets. That also means the website should respond to user’s behavior and environment used to browse these sites. It allows easy navigation and reading through with a minimum of resizing, planning and scrolling.

Why is it important?

Google has made it mandatory for a website to be responsive in order to get ranked on search engine. Website’s that are not responsive will not be preferred by Google anymore. Hence, there is no doubt that responsive website is very important for today’s web presence. More than 20% of Google searches are now being performed using mobile devices. You do not have to keep two separate websites for your desktop and mobile users. You can now maintain single site equally favorable for both desktop and mobile users using responsive web design concept which will keep Google happy and also helps keep your costs low and easy to maintain one site than multiple sites for different devices.

What is responsive web design



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