Reasons to Hire HTML5 Developers for Mobile App Development

HTML5 development has become an emerging platform these days, which has been supported not only by modern browsers but by smartphones and the latest mobile operating systems as well. As we trend away from the desktop and move towards mobile and tablet devices, HTML5 will play a fundamental role in providing a consistent user experience across all devices.

HTML5 is a programming markup language used for structuring and presenting content on web apps and desktop browsers. HTML5 is very often used for producing the same app on different devices and operating systems, but that approach comes with its own set of benefits and challenges – which can be overcome to some extent by hiring HTML5 developers.

According to analysts, over 50% of mobile applications currently use HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS.

Developing apps for different platforms can turn out to be a daunting task sometimes. In such complex scenarios, you can take advantage of cross-platform app language like HTML5 development. The approach allows you to focus on things that really matter such as creating the perfect user experience and developing the right functionality.

Hire HTML5 developers to make the situation less complicated. The best part is that because your code is written using HTML 5, your app works on new devices as and when they are launched in the market. Hire HTML 5 developers to get the work done flawlessly for you. A long-term collaboration with an app development company can prove to be beneficial in the future.

The rise of HTML5 Mobile Development

HTML5 offers a wide range of new features such as advanced audio and streaming video features as well as integration features. HTML5 allows developing applications that can easily adapt to different resolutions and device screen sizes without much hassle.

Several advanced and robust features such as camera, GPS, and accelerometer in modern devices can be used seamlessly with HTML5. If you want your mobile app to showcase the latest features, then the fastest way to get it done is probably to hire an HTML5 developer. The ultimate focus is to provide a user experience that is customized and context-driven, on a wide variety of devices, including smartphones and tablet computers.

Since the advent of what is known as the Internet, HTML is a synonymous name. It has created ripples in the world of app development with its interactive applications and stunning designs. As far as functionality and syntax improvement is concerned, HTML5 has provided the boost. Hire HTML5 developers to yield quality results at reasonable prices, as that is the key factor driving the growth of your business. When it is combined with CSS, it can result in making the next generation applications. In fact, HTML5 is considered to be an umbrella which describes the set of specifications of HTML5, CSS and JavaScript so that the hired HTML5 developers can easily build the next generation applications.

Advantages of HTML5 Mobile Application Development

HTML5 development Advantages
  • Easy learning curve: HTML5 code writing is easy to learn as compared with other technologies.
  • Faster time to the market: HTML5 has a “write-once-run-anywhere” methodology which saves time considerably. It requires less time and resources in getting to the market
  • Less maintenance of apps: HTML5 is an open source language and hence the hired HTML5 developers are well-versed with the language. It makes the mobile app easy-to-update without the need to re-submit to the app store.
  • Offline browsing: One of the main advantages of HTML 5 is that it supports local storage of web application code and content for offline web experience for reads. By moving into the age of HTML5, you can take the advantage of application cache, you can specify which files the browser can cache and use them when the user is offline.
  • Good options for limiting budget: Because it is cheaper than other native alternatives. Games like Candy Crush and similar puzzle-solving apps can be created with this technology and redeveloped as native apps later on.
  • Is an open-source kind of language: HTML5 being an open-source language can be used to modify, improve, expand or implement new services on already built applications. Hire HTML5 developers to use the most popular tool, which is quite cost-effective and easily available.

What Exactly are HTML5 Apps?

HTML5 is one of the emerging technologies and HTML5 applications are widely used in the mobile app world. They are a collection of web pages, optimized for mobile devices that bring advanced capabilities for streaming video and audio data, handling graphics and animations and providing offline support. HTML5 seldom works alone; it works with CSS and JavaScript.

How to build an interactive app with HTML5 that will be displayed via a browser on any device? Hire HTML5 developers – is that the only answer to your question? If you want your app to be the front face of your business, then the easiest way to get it implemented is probably by hiring HTML5 developer or an app development company to create it for you. Cross-platform applications are developed in a single code that is interpreted and adjusted to different devices.

With the advancement of mobile app development tools and frameworks, hire HTML5 developers who can develop cross-platform apps even with basic knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS technologies. Some of the best HTML5 based frameworks, which can be used for mobile application development, are mentioned below.

  • PhoneGap
  • Ionic
  • Sencha Touch
  • Appcelerator Titanium Mobile
  • Mobile Angular UI
  • Kendo UI
  • Lungo

Hire HTML5 Developers to Program Apps with HTML5?

Competitiveness among different mobile device, browsers, and operating systems has increased. Hence cross-platform technology has become a necessity and HTML5 has become the solution to this necessity. So without knowing any native code, developers can build apps for all of the major platforms. Does it get much easier than that?

The mobile app industry is experiencing burgeoning growth, especially in emerging markets with a diverse range of devices. iOS has not gained market traction in emerging markets due to extremely high costs. HTML5 app can turn out to be a feasible option and improve the visibility of your mobile app. The HTML5 framework has been offering businesses and companies a simple alternative to native app development process. Undoubtedly, the language provides hired HTML5 developers more flexibility to build exciting, interactive, more powerful and efficient applications. It is here to stay.

Many organizations are turning to HTML5 mobile application development by hiring HTML5 developers, to streamline the implementation of mobile apps, reduce cost and complexity. HTML5 apps provide an enterprise with a simple alternative to native app development, in a market where more HTML5 development frameworks emerge. Any organization faced with implementing mobile apps across multiple platforms should at least consider HTML5 and hire HTML5 developers.

Is HTML5 the Future of Mobile App Development?

The above-mentioned are some compelling reasons to choose HTML5 mobile app development for your business. However, it is crucial to understand your business objectives, technical constraints and operational requirements to narrow down on the right development approach for your mobile app.

By hiring HTML5 developers, in all situations can be an effective way to deliver a meaningful experience to users across different devices and platforms. A well designed HTML5 mobile application can outperform an average native application and today a lot of these apps are using this technology. HTML5 is indeed one of the most versatile languages for developing applications and is most widely used for creating non-native mobile apps.

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