Outsourcing Android App Development Made Easy

Want a custom app for your business, but do not have the skillset to pull it off in-house? It is advisable, to explore the common ways of outsourcing Android app development projects. In modern times, technology has reached out to customers in various ways. One such mode is the use of mobile apps that give a broad idea about companies. However, mobile app development is not easy and there are lots of technical stuff and coding that goes behind the creation process. To avoid such hassles, a lot of companies prefer outsourcing the app development process to a mobile app development company.

Many business owners and entrepreneurs have difficulty in allowing others to help them, but outsourcing the task will improve your efficiency and will lead to the development of a more enriching mobile app. While outsourcing is one of the best things to do, it comes with many challenges and obstacles. The biggest challenge is to find the right Android developer who would put complete effort into understanding your requirements and developing the app accordingly.

Recent business analysis has proved that application development is becoming an essential component of growth. The Android platform offers a wide range of powerful features for the mobile devices of millions of users worldwide. An Android app takes a long procedure to follow in creating a world-class mobile app.

If you have an idea but do not have ample resources to build it in-house, then outsourcing will be the most prudent approach. This would help you to concentrate on other core corners. This will not only be time-saving but will also let you explore more creative options by coming into contact with an array of skilled Android app developers.

These professionals can boost your design and overall user experience of the app while making your workflow much more efficient. Every Android app development company aims to deliver a working app, giving you an edge by building the best Android application for your business.

What are the essential Steps to Consider While Outsourcing Android App Development?

Understand & Write down the App Requirements

Before you outsource your app development, you must have a clear-cut idea of what you expect from your Android mobile application. Having a precise definition of what you want from your mobile application is very crucial. A clear idea would help to convey your app requirements to the Android app developer effectively.

Hence it is essential to research similar apps before finalizing your app requirements. The app requirement could range from login features to cross-platform compatibility. Do your research on other similar apps in the industry. The requirement should be well documented and should have complete details. In other words, one needs to pen all the specifications before rushing towards development.

Choose the Right Android App Developer

When you have a sound knowledge of your app requirement and exactly know what your app wants to do, then it is easy to describe what you want from your Android app developer. Start looking for a developer who is proficient in building the kind of Android app you want.

For example, if you want your app to be compatible with Android, then you need a developer with knowledge in making Android compatible mobile apps. But if you want your app to be cross-platform compatible, you will look for a developer with experience in developing apps that are cross-platform compatible. Choosing the right Android app developer to outsource the app development requires time; make sure to study the history of the Android developer who is bidding on your project.

Interview and Negotiate with the Bidder before Hiring

Before you hire outsourcing Android app developer, it is necessary you collect all the details regarding the developer. The foremost important aspect to look for, if you outsource app development is the communication skill of the Android app developer since you need a developer who can easily understand your needs.

If the developer has a good knowledge of your business needs and has the right skillset, you can negotiate the bid. Be ready to pay the developer what they are worth, and you will have great working experience. Use an instant messaging program to discuss the task with a candidate in real time. Jira is one of the most popular ways to communicate with Android app developers interested in working on your projects. You need to look for someone who can clearly understand your requirements and implement them perfectly.

Explain Your App’s Scope

Once you have selected the right Android app developer based on his work experience and track record – which is in line with your requirement, it is time to start discussing the Android application’s scope and milestone that needs to be completed within a given time-frame. It is a good idea to discuss in details about the scope of the project before starting. Understanding the scope clearly would help to set up realistic short-term goals.

Establish Important Milestones

The milestones set the app development process on a smooth course towards completion by clarifying expectations. Once you choose the Android app developer for your outsourcing development needs, it is a good idea to discuss project milestones. Milestones will be points in the project where specific tasks need to be completed.

These milestones would serve as good checkpoints to evaluate your project’s status and its progress. Set milestones and establish a connect calendar, so that the developer guarantees to get in touch with you on specific dates throughout the project to give a detailed update on the progress of the project.

Effective management of any project, let alone app development, is a constant review of the effort to ensure the project is on right track and does not deviate from your expectations. If you set your project milestones at first, the Android app developer will exactly know what you want and when you want it. These timelines will help set your expectations before the development begins so that you are not on the edge at all times.

Make it Collaborative

Collaborating with your Android app developer in key areas is vital, as they will have more knowledge and would have built several apps already. Developing a custom app is all about good communication between you and your Android app developer.

This would help you to understand how many tools and options are available for Android app development. It is crucial that you remain involved in the process from the start. Involve your Android app developer in the thinking process, as he will have far more experience in app development and will also have knowledge about many latest tools. The quality of your Android app will depend on how clearly and how often you communicate your app idea, design and functionality requirements throughout the development process.


The trend to outsource mobile app development is not new but extremely high in demand. Outsourcing is a business model and has been effective across industries in streamlining and speeding up the business processes – helping organizations to gain a competitive market edge.

Outsourcing is recommended as hired Android app developers create functional and high-quality apps within predefined budget and time-frame. Don’t rush to get your app developed under tight deadlines, keep in mind you need an app that solves your business problem. In order to keep up with the fast-paced app industry – take the time to know the purpose of your mobile app, choose the right candidate and set appropriate milestones to complete the project efficiently.

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