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Offshore Outsourcing – A Look at India and Other Outsourcing Destinations

You might have noticed that more and more people are now turning to offshore software development services. Have you ever wondered why? The reason is quite simple – offshore outsourcing allows reduced costs, time savings, quick output, streamlined procedures, extended support, and many other benefits.

Offshore Software Development Company

But do you know which country currently rules the offshore outsourcing industry? The answer is India. Though China is considered a big threat to India’s dominance in the outsourcing world, India continues to play the leading role in this industry. Since India’s language is compatible with that of the US and Europe, it has gained great recognition over other offshore locations.

The responses from many software development organizations clearly indicate that India is the ultimate choice for people looking for offshore development service provider. The idea of outsourcing a software development project to India is usually described as a cost-effective choice.

Offshore Outsourcing: Company Comparison with China

When compared to other outsourcing locations, India is the only country that offers many attractive benefits. For instance, it has cost-effective solutions, low-cost services, trained workforce, and abundant resources. Its ability to offer 24/7 support services has made it the choice of several global organizations.

Offshore outsourcing to India is a great idea for the following reasons:

Market Size

India generates approximately $70 billion with its local outsourcing services per year. China, on the other hand, is able to generate nearly $20 billion every year.

Reduced Error Rates

You might want to hire an offshore software development company in India for its quality, affordable services. According to the companies outsourcing to India, error rates in development projects have reduced by almost 60 percent due to the efficient services of Indian firms.

offshore outsourcing services India

Tax Benefits

It is possible to enjoy several tax benefits under Section 10A and 10B of the Indian income tax act.

Lower Costs

In India, infrastructure costs are much lower than other offshore outsourcing countries. This allows companies to make great savings on their capital.

Professional Services

IT professionals in India are tech-savvy and qualified. Since the country’s unemployment rate is nearly 10.7 percent, these professionals are willing to work at low wages. Offshore software development companies in India employ only highly efficient, trained professionals, clients can thus take advantage of their innovative ideas and intelligent technological solutions.

Offshore Outsourcing; Affordable Solution

One of the major features that make India a famous offshore outsourcing destination is its cost-effective solutions. Organizations outsourcing to India are able to save nearly 40 percent on development expenses.

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