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Support Ending For The .Net Framework Versions – What’s New?

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The ASP.NET web application development team recently announced that they re-pulling the plug for the older .NET framework, including the 4.5.1 version. As a concern, Microsoft announced terms of the lifecycle support for their products that run the 4 and 4.5 versions.

The 4.5.2 version was a new and upgraded version for 4.5.1, which was released last October 2013. The .NET team ended the support for the 4.x – 4.5.1 version in the first quarter of 2016 (January 12, 2016).

According to the team, upgrades and additional features are made much quicker in the latest versions of the network, making it easier for clients to stay current with the framework. The older frameworks usually have the same extended support lifecycles as the other frameworks. However, by the end of support from the team, the company will have to impose an earlier end to support the legacy versions. The .Net Framework 4.5.2 is considered an in-place update to the 4.x family and provides customers with more stability, security and customers no longer have to download the older versions.

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The new version might cause some problems and incompatibility, especially for those customers who are running the legacy or older versions. The team acknowledges that the incompatibility or changes made in the new version are essential. The team also provides a list of links on the company’s blog to help clients using various versions of the .NET Framework.

In the case of version 3.5 SP1, an exception made was released alongside the 4.x Framework, which will still receive support until 2020 as Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 still run using the 3.5 version.

The team said, ending of the support helps developers to focus on working on the new tasks. The new framework focused on cloud application development technology for the .NET Framework. NET version 8.0 is expected to release in Nov 2023.

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