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Myths about Android App Development Agencies

Are you new to the app development industry? Do you have a lot of friends and you share your ideas about Android app development with them? Android is a huge platform which is constantly growing and expanding more and more with the upcoming versions. Although Android offers great freedom for app creation for Android app development agency, there are some myths associated with the development today.

Soon there will be 3 million apps on the Google Play Store. If you are planning
to launch an app soon, you have a lot of competition to face.

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Well, this may sound interesting and promising, but developers, here you need to stay away from some of the prevalent myths in Android app development domain because any illusion of attainable success can dampen your enthusiasm. It hasn't been long since businesses have started realizing that having a mobile app of their own can serve as a great platform for marketing – specifically developed by Android development companies. As a result, lots of the businesses, big and small, have jumped on the bandwagon. But, at the same time, there are lots of myths regarding Android app development due to which at least some businesses are hesitant to take a step forward. The problem here is that being a relatively fresh field, mobile app development is still surrounded with a lot of misinformation, pre-conceived notions and unnecessary stereotypes, which might not be true. Most of the time, it is always better to consult an Android development company because at the end of the day some of the risks are not worth taking.

As Android development companies have begun growing in cities all over the world, a number of myths and misunderstandings relating to this line of business also have started spreading. Below are some big, persistent myths about the Android platform that simply will not die.

Myth 1: The Diversity of Options to Tryout is Vast

The top 10 apps are limited only to antiviruses, battery savers, and device cleaners. Thus the huge variety of apps developed by Android development companies gets limited to 3 distinct categories listed above. The truth is that Android app developers are now restricted to create apps for a few categories only. Over the past few years, the popularity of these apps have declined, similarly as the variety of app development options has lessened for the Android app developers. In reality, most Android development companies are limited in what will sell well commercially. The current focus of Android development companies appears to be the “useful apps” and “personalization” niches.

Myth 2: Open Source Development Minimizes Development Efforts

The fact that Android is open-source platform does not mean that Android app developers can effortlessly perform the app development tasks. It requires an equal amount of dedication to create an Android app as the effort is required to develop apps on other platforms. When it comes to creating the app, best android app developers need to come out with something exceptional to engage the clients with the app. While open-source libraries can do away with a lot of the hard work involved in coding, they will not design a beautiful interface for you.

Myth 3: Without Google, There is no Competition

Neither Google nor Facebook tops the lists of apps when we talk about app personalization. Today, there is a race between the Android app developers to personalize the experience for the users through app development approaches. Developers owning unique ideas should stop considering these giants as the competitor. They should focus more on creating their apps appealing that can even catch the attention of these giants. Android app developers prefer personalization as it helps in elevation of user experience. We know how Facebook bought WhatsApp for the huge amount when the company realized that the app is going to be the future of instant messaging.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that Android being an exceptional platform for the Android app developers, offers a great opportunity for Android app developers to show their coding expertise while developing the app. Android has revolutionized the way developers use to create an application. There can be many more myths that have been regulated in the industry, as Android is a widely used platform. It is knowledgeable to research well to know behind-the-scene story and then plan your next step. It might be the case that your new personalized app is undoubtedly awesome; there are possibilities that you might still not be able to monetize it on Google Play. So it would be best to consult a mobile app development company which will show you the right picture of your project. Android development companies need to sort the chaff from the wheat when it comes to established industry "facts". Try to know the truth behind these Android myths and your Android development company will be streaks ahead of the competition. For an industry that is built on science, the technology world will surely have its share of myths. Android development companies need to keep the user requirements in mind and stay away from these misleading misconceptions.