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Mobile App Development Tips for Starters

The initial rush to develop mobile apps is going down; the world has endured the release of many mediocre and useless mobile apps. Different platforms of App stores are chock-full of them. As a result, many useful and corporate apps have languished in app libraries with very least downloads.

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Some developers probably say let it be the same way, but the smart ones may learn from their mistakes and set out to create better apps. Here are some great practices that you can employ to ensure that any apps you develop in the near future are more intriguing and are a fun ride to users:

  1. First and foremost, a mobile app must solve a problem, deliver required functionality, save time and money, entertain or enlighten, or offer a bookish service. In one sentence: Successful mobile apps deliver good, useful benefits to its user.

  2. As a thumb rule, anything the web already delivers well doesn't need an app. That's why publishing uninterested content, creating a marketing brochure or engaging in m-Commerce application are not especially useful benefits for a mobile app to deliver. Bottom line: Don't start developing an app until you have a good-solid idea.

  3. Focus on single thing and do it well. It's too common to go feature crazy, which could wind up derailing your whole great project later. Keep things simple and easy to use. Brainstorming is good sometimes; let the ideas coming, but when you get exhausted in that process, come down to the best one or two and deliver all your energies to them.

  4. Apps need timely user notifications. With many mobile apps, the user must launch the application to check on new updates and developments. Notifications aren't useful for every app and for each user, but when the right app requires it, never miss the opportunity to add them.

  5. Mobile browsers are improving in a good way. Instead of wasting time in building an app that replaces your website, give your full concentration to improve the user experience and utility of the mobile version of your website.

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