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Key Factors governing the Gaming App Development

Developing games for smartphones have become popular among the development community. To create a successful game one needs the desire and the game plan.

A good market research needs to be done before jumping on to any solution. One needs to buy games and play them to get more lucrative ideas. One has to be creative and think outside the box. Just reusing an existing concept by changing the objects does not make the app successful. More over if the idea is too complex; it will not be seconds before the game is uninstalled. The creativity of the design is what makes people coming back, as they need to build up skill/point by repetitive playing. The game mechanics is what makes the players think about the game. These might include features like beautiful graphics, a map to measure progress and easy to understand tutorials. User reviews highlight the potential bugs of the application. This is called review mining and it gives an in-depth knowledge of the process. Besides, technicalities of implementing the app, the design and the coding are also critical factors. A combination of these factors together work towards the success of the gaming app.


Factors related to user experience are even more crucial. The gaming app should have a concept that is understood by anyone. The gaming app’s user interface should be such that it can easily be comprehended. There should be a consistency between gameplay and user interface screens. Gameplay is commonly used to rate the quality of the experience of a gamer while playing a particular game. The Unity3D gaming app development requires some level of innovation and creativity to make it an outstanding application. Lastly, the app icon (tiny piece of art work) makes the first and the last impression. There are several gaming apps in the market but it is the quality of the game that makes it stand out.

Once the app is ready, all the functionalities and screens should be tested thoroughly. To get your game noticed, it takes lot of marketing dollars which only few can afford to make them notice. Angry Birds is one of the most popular smartphone games of today. The series has over 2 million downloads worldwide, since it has been released.

Android and iOS are two major platforms in the mobile space. iOS is a more standardized in terms of software and has an operating system which makes it easy for all apps to run. On the other hand Android, is a fragmented market with around 2000 devices on Android platform. Games that have social features attract more users.

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New operating systems are continuously coming up. The existing operating system have new releases coming every year, hence the application need to support multiple operating systems. In such a scenarios, coding need to be done separately for all OS. Users expect a cross platform app development experience for all their apps, be it on their mobile devise, web or their tablet. Hence to maintain sync across devices is challenging, as lives and levels need to be in sync on a regular basic. The developer need to keep in mind the target audience, as right messages should be displayed depending on the viewers. Regular maintenance work like bug fixes, upgrades and version compatibility can involve lot of money and time.

Whether one is a single developer or a gaming company, the mobile game development can be a challenge. There are new technologies constantly being introduced. Because of this changing and evolving market, game development is so interesting!