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How Android App Development Company Makes Your App Secure?

Mobile apps are incredibly powerful for building brand names, fostering strong communications and relationships with customers, and gathering new customers. The only downside is that app security is a big, whopping issue. Today’s Android app development companies have experience in working with practically every Android OS version, Google Android OS customization and building complex Android app solutions. Android app development companies offer a full spectrum of security solutions enterprise-wide that help minimizes risk. Here Android app developers work hard to create the best custom native and hybrid app for the Android phone, tablet, and wearable devices. The Android app development companies build quality apps which are scalable, robust and provide a brilliant user experience.

Recent research from Arxan determined that among the top paid and free mobile applications:
100% of the top 100 paid apps on the Google Android platform had been hacked.
73% of popular free apps on Android had been hacked.

Android has a target on its back, partly because of its popularity, but also because of its well-known security short-comings. Today, Android app development companies are technology houses which offer advanced Android security solutions – delivering world-class mobile apps to ranging business needs. Android app security is the main concern most organizations have with the mobile operating system. Because of these security challenges, enterprises have a lot to consider while incorporating Android devices into their environments. Protecting the privacy of the app users is becoming one of the biggest challenges for Android app development companies due to myriad security risks.


Android Application Security

Android has built-in security features that significantly reduce the frequency and the impact of application security issues. The system is designed so that you can typically build your apps with the default system and file permissions and avoid difficult discussions about security. Android was created with openness in mind and is conducive to the use of third-party applications and cloud-based services. Android seeks to be a secure operating system for mobile application development platforms.

Security should always be a priority to and often needs research to develop an app that follows best practices to avoid common flaws. When Android app developers build apps, they should keep user security in mind. Mostly Android app development companies in New York follow the best practices, as improving mobile app security for your apps become imperative. Different apps have different security needs. Depending on the nature of the app, these Android app development companies evaluate appropriate security measures. Here are some security tips which Android app developers must be aware of before you get started on that spectacular new mobile app.

1. Use a Security With SSL and HTTPS

Apparently, an Android app developer might use the SSL security incorrectly in such a way that malicious entities from unwanted sources may intercept an app’s data over the network. Ensure that Android app developers use HTTPS, higher the security of an app, least is the chances of devices being hacked.

2. Encrypt Saved Data

Data stored by an Android app is within its sandbox environment. In Android devices, restricted application space can easily be accessed. This is why data should never be saved in the form of plain text. If Android app developers want to store sensitive data, always remember to encrypt it using AES.

3. Less Permission

If you’re an Android app developer, minimize the permissions that your app requests. Messages popping up like “App needs to access your contacts/photos/calls etc.” can be a threat to a user’s privacy. It is now true that Android is going the iOS way in terms of security and restricting apps from fully tampering sensitive data of users. So if Android app developers are developing an app that lets users delete unwanted images from their SD card, you need to instruct users to do that manually.

4. Use Internal Storage for Sensitive Data

Every Android app has an internal storage directory associated with it. Files inside this directory are very secure because they use the “MODE_PRIVATE” file creation mode by default - meaning files cannot be accessed by any other app on the device. Hence the internal storage directory is the best place to store all the sensitive data of your mobile app.

5. Wrapping your App: A Secure Sandbox

Securely deploying the app is paramount and ‘app wrapping’ is a quick easy method of doing it. App wrapping segments the app from the rest of the device by encapsulating it in a miniature, managed environment. It's easy.

6. App Authentication: Think Single Sign-on

The digital world makes it hard to know who you are. One fast and easy way to authenticate users is to create a single sign-on (SSO). This method is easy to implement if your company already uses SSO.


Android app development companies in New York, generally take care of the security loopholes by interpreting these security issues with the help of the above mentioned tips and tricks. It is an exciting time to be part of the app economy - but there is a major point of concern that many Android app developers are choosing to ignore: mobile app security. Android app developers from Android app development companies should have a better understanding of how to make their Android apps secure. Every business owner must understand that modern mobility, as much as it benefits, can also bring the risk for your business. And to reduce that risk, it is important to implement the mobile app security best practices, proposed above.