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Enterprise App – The next driver of business growth

Your business as a whole can be analyzed with the power of an analytics custom enterprise application. With the birth of apps, the need for a particular device to portray information has come to a full stop. Apps can comfortably place themselves in laptops, desktops, mobiles, mobile enabled devices and internet enabled devices. Apps can read info from severs and clouds.

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Enterprise analysis apps built are capable of controlling, measuring and monitoring your business through various roles:

  • They can execute strategic planning initiatives providing foundation for prioritizing programs and projects.

  • They can strategize goal setting for a business.

  • They can propose business architectures.

  • They can recommend organisational changes for business improvement

  • They can define business techniques such as bench-marking and root cause analysis for your business.

  • They can access capability gaps and also propose new capabilities required by a business

If the above points looked too weird and is not what you want, then there is the next category of analytics enterprise apps that will thirst your hunger with its features:

  • It can compare demographic information such as language and location.

  • It can measure the user’s behavior in terms of usage frequency and engagement

  • It can judge the device it is being operated on.

  • It can capture a user’s navigational pattern.

  • It can measure the user’s payment frequency

What you want in terms of reaching a goal, an app can do it for you! What you want and how clear you are in what you want is the key to designing the right app that is for you.

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The best example an analytics app that can drive your business growth is Google Analytics. To set up the google analytics app:

STEP 1: Set up a google analytics account.

STEP 2: Download the google analytics SDK (Software Development Kit) for android

STEP 3: Add the SDK library to your project

STEP 4: Set up permissions

STEP 5: Add and set up tracking code

With just the above simple steps, you’re re ready to go with a few days of trial and error method to get your right things running up the track.

Customization is an ongoing process and every customer want. The Google analytics app can be customized to your requirement and fit into your organization as per the need of your business. Call our phone number for all the support your business requires.