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Deep Dive into new ASP.NET MVC 4 Features

ASP.NET MVC development 4 is a framework for developing clean, standard web applications using great well-established design patterns with the power of ASP.NET and the .NET Framework.

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Its best new features include:

Feature 1: ASP.net Web API

An updated framework for creating HTTP services that can assessable to a broad range of users including various browsers and mobile devices.

Feature 2: Default Project Templates Enhancements

There’s have been an improved functionality in the new template. New Template uses a technique named Responsive web design to look impressive in both desktop browsers and mobile browsers without any customization.

Feature 3: Mobile Project Template

If you’re developing a new project and want to make a website specifically for mobile and tablet browsers, then you can use the new mobile application project Template. This is entirely based on jQuery Mobile, an open-source library for building great and top touch-optimized UI.

Feature 4: Display Modes

Let’s an application select views depending on the browser. Layouts and Partials can also be overridden for particular browser types.

Feature 5: Support for Asynchronous Controllers

You can now write specific action methods as single method that return an object of that type. Task

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Feature 6: Mobile Features and jQuery Mobile

The jQuery Mobile library gives a cool user interface framework that works on all the major mobile browsers. Progressive enhancement allows all browsers to display the basic content of a web page, while allowing more powerful browsers and devices to have a richer display.

Feature 7: Azure SDK

ASP.net MVC 4 supports the newer release of the Windows Azure SDK 2.0

Feature 8: Database Migrations

ASP.net MVC 4 projects now include Entity Framework 5. The best feature in Entity Framework 5 is its support for database migrations. With this feature you can easily evolve your database scheme using a code-focused migration while preserving the data in the database.

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