Deep Dive into new ASP.NET MVC 4 Features

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09 Feb, 2015

ASP.NET MVC development 4 is a framework for developing clean, standard web applications using great well-established design patterns with the power of ASP.NET and the .NET Framework.

Its best new features include:

Feature 1: Web API

An updated framework for creating HTTP services that are accessible to a broad range of users. It includes availability to various browsers and mobile devices.

Feature 2: Default Project Templates Enhancements

There’s have been an improved functionality in the new template. It uses responsive web design to look impressive in both desktop browsers and mobile browsers without any customization.

Feature 3: Mobile Project Template

The new mobile application project template finds its use while developing a new project or making a website specifically for mobile and tablet browsers. It is based on jQuery Mobile, an open-source library for building a great and top touch-optimized UI.

Feature 4: Display Modes

Let’s an application select views depending on the browser. Particular browser types can override layouts and partials.

Feature 5: Support for Asynchronous Controllers

You can now write specific action methods as a single method that returns an object of that type of task.

Feature 6: Mobile Features and jQuery Mobile

The jQuery Mobile library gives a cool user interface framework that works on all the major mobile browsers. Progressive enhancement allows all browsers to display the basic content of a web page while allowing more powerful browsers and devices to have a richer display. MVC web application development

Feature 7: Azure SDK MVC 4 supports the newer release of the Windows Azure SDK 2.0

Feature 8: Database Migrations MVC 4 projects now include Entity Framework 5. The best feature in Entity Framework 5 is its support for database migrations. With this feature, you can smoothly evolve your database scheme using a code-focused migration while preserving the data in the database.

With ASP.NET MVC professional developers you can develop robust, scalable, and versatile .NET framework web apps. #webdevelopment #MVC #.netframework #windowsazure #MS SQL #SQLserver

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