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Challenges While Developing for iPhone

Due to the popularity of smartphones among consumers, there is an increasing demand for mobile application development. These are exciting times for mobile app development agency involved in mobile application development. In this growing ecosystem of mobile apps, it is critically important for iOS app developers to understand what works and what does not work.

According to Tomasz Tunguz, a venture capitalist at RedPoint -
Over 100 billion apps have been downloaded so far.

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Apple’s App Store is becoming popular day by day with 5,00,000 apps. These incredible apps have helped the iPhone to undergo a revolution as an ultimate game changer in this technology world. With such a progress in the number of smartphones and apps in the App Store, the need and the desire for ingenious app developers have increased drastically. With each new version, Apple’s Operating System brings new capabilities and challenges for developers. Application development for every new platform can be challenging at times, as every developed application has unique functionalities, technical platforms, design and architectural considerations. Similar to any other software development activity, even iPhone app development has its own set of issues and challenges. However, to deliver better user experience, iOS app developers have to work hard to conquer iOS app related challenges. Below are few of the challenges faced by iOS app developers.

1. Creating an App that Gets Noticed

The first and foremost challenge of an iOS app developer is to design an app that serves a purpose. Only a focus-oriented app can stand long and prove its potential. To accomplish this task flawlessly, a passionate iOS app developer should have a clear road map fulfilling the ultimate purpose of the app. Developing for iPhone should include graphics, working features, and intuitive design. Developing for iPhone has become so popular, that iOS app developers combine several elements to create effective solutions for enterprises.

2. iOS Application Compatibility

Different Apple products, including iPhone and iPad are available in the market and it is essential that every developed iOS application is compatible with all the Apple products. Hence it is essential to test the iOS application on various devices.

3. App Store Approval

iOS app developers should know the Apple App Store guidelines before they begin with iOS application development tasks. One must read and implement all the listed rules and regulations so that applications get approved in the App Store. It will save their time and help through the various investment challenges. Hence developing for iPhone should conform to all the listed rules and regulations so that the app gets approved in the App Store easily.

4. App Performance

App performance can be related to the issues about platform development. App performance could be slow because of the structure of the app itself, slow network connection or minor program glitches. Too many images or visual effects, flooding the cache, or using integrated sensors may disturb the performance of your application in the old versions.

5. User Interface

iOS devices are mostly adopted by people due to its clean design concept and excellent user interface. Hence, it is one of the biggest challenges for iOS app developers to display the core features and functionalities when they have only a limited amount of space. Hence it is challenging task for iOS app developers to use the screen space optimally and create an attractive user interface.

6. App Security

In developing apps for large enterprises, there is a need for implementing high-security features to safeguard user data better. iPhone apps for online shopping would need layers of security features to make sure the online payments are processed correctly. Setting up the desired level of security features for iOS app developers can be challenging at times while developing for iPhone devices.

7. Beta Users Testing

An excellent way to test an iOS app is to test an application is to release in the Beta testing. This is the best way for an application to be known and accepted amongst the consumers is by allowing the test to be done through Beta users. These users would be able to help you identify the possible failure to your developed application thus making developing for iPhone easier.
These are some of the common challenges developers should take care of while developing for iPhone platform. To thrive in the highly competitive mobile app market, mobile app developers and companies in New York must have the ability to create and develop superior apps. The above challenges can act as a warning for the success of their mobile apps, if not addressed adequately. The challenges mentioned above is a comprehensive list that iOS app developers may face while building apps for iOS but there could be several other challenges as well. It is in fact hard to believe that iPhone has not been around for a decade yet since June 2007 – but has completely changed the way the world operates. Since then, developing for iPhone has picked up speed, as the iPad app development industry is believed to have great potential for growth. Hence, iOS app developers have to show the maturity by handling challenges with minimum investment and developing a bug-free final product. Through continuous testing and development experience, iOS app developers will be able to overcome any forthcoming issues and provide a high-end app that can be used by the consumers and the enterprises.