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8 “Must Have” Skills in an Android App Developer

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With the mobile market growing at a rapid pace, Android development is the fastest growing segment. With a billion Android users spread across the globe, Android app development is in great demand considering the increased adoption of the platform. The number of Android users crossed the 1.4 user mark in 2015. There are over 4000 Android devices with more than 400 Android device manufacturers. An experienced Android app developer would offer a level of craftsmanship which is required for getting a functionally rich and visually appealing mobile app for your business. With millions of devices around the world, the work of mobile app developer has become more fulfilling, enriching and necessary.

In a speech to graduates of the Stamford Online High School in California, Stephen Wolfram, the CEO of Wolfram Research said that "people who go furthest are not the ones with the best technical skills, but the ones who have the best strategy for figuring out what to do.”

Android App Developer Skills

Mobile App Development Skills are in high demand as more and more companies take a mobile-first approach to build their applications. Along with Apple/iOS, Android is a dominant platform. When developing an Android App, one should have a solid knowledge of the Java language and have an understanding of the object-oriented concept that underlies all Java applications. Android app developers make use of the Android Studio to develop applications efficiently and effectively creating bug-free code. In other words, android app platform is quickly becoming more complex and popular. It requires an ever increasing, and ever-evolving skill set. Find out the primary skillsets which modern Android app developers should possess. Below are 8 essential abilities an Android app developer must have to develop feature-rich, powerful and cutting-edge Android apps.

  1. Proficiency in Java programming:

    An Android app developer must be well-versed with Java programming language. Native Android development requires using Java and Android Studio/Eclipse as an integrated development environment. An Android app developer must be well aware of some of the most complex Java syntax and its programming syntaxes. Android app developers should be comfortable with the Java programming language.

  2. Android developer should be Technically sound:

    The developer should be proficient with hands-on experience in Android Studio, Android SDK, APIs and other required tools. He should also have good knowledge of adding third-party libraries and dealing with APIs. In the mobile app industry, it is not enough to be skilled in developing apps for one platform – one has to be versatile and able to create any sort of app for any sort of device.

  3. Understanding of Design details:

    It is the unique design and thoughtful design of the app that makes it user-friendly and ultimately a success. To become a good Android app developer, one needs to have a decent understanding of the design requirements for the application. Android app creators with good design aesthetic sense have a greater value in the market. For millions of apps available for download, your app needs to be easy to us, have a good design and slick usability to really stand out.

  4. Expertise in Cross-platform solutions:

    As the mobile market is growing, mobile users are getting fragmented in terms of the operating systems. Major players like Google and Apple are also trying to bridge the gap between smartphones and other platforms to expand cross-platform solutions further. With the availability of the various cross-platform development engines on the web, Android app developers can easily port their mobiles apps to sync with different operating systems.

  5. Android developers should be Critical thinkers:

    Critical thinking involves evaluating facts before reaching a conclusion. App developers are sometimes faced with a handful of possible solutions, and only critical thinking will allow them to quickly test each scenario mentally before choosing the most efficient one. Critical thinking actually helps an Android app developer write clean and maintainable code.

  6. Android app developers should be adaptable:

    Adaptability refers to an Android app developer’s openness to learning new skills, taking on extra responsibilities. One of the most important aspects of adaptability is the reaction to change. As a great developer, one should not react to comments, criticism, and other sorts of uncomfortable situations. Adaptability is a key factor in becoming a great Android app developer.

  7. App developers should be Hungry to learn:

    You should have a thirst for knowledge to become a successful Android app developer. One should constantly explore the latest technology and upcoming changes evolved by Android app developers. A good developer always asks questions and is keen to learn about technological advancement.

  8. App developers should have Spatial reasoning:

    The ability to think in 3-D and visualize the spatial relations between objects is critical for successful app developers. When a developer designs interfaces for a device, one must be cognizant of how users will interact with your application. One needs to understand the types of controls/inputs for the different platforms. It is a learned skill and can be mastered with practice, and through developing real-life projects.

In this highly evolving technical world, the above-mentioned skill sets can aid Android app developers in developing apps that become immensely popular and bring in good revenue. Being an Android app developer is a challenging as well as a rewarding job. The developer has to stay informed of the latest technology updates and always strive to perform better in each project. An innovative approach is incredibly necessary for the developers to make productive apps. They ought to continually brainstorm in order to develop out-of-the-box Android applications. Technical know-how is one way of measuring how good a developer is, but soft skills are really ones that help them receive the stamp of approval from the industry. In order to have a long-lasting business relationship, one needs to choose the right Android app developer that meets one’s expectations and requirements.