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5 Things that only an Android Development Company Can Give

The market of mobile app development companies in USA is huge and diverse, ranging from corporate giants to small companies - both these kinds of companies can deliver cutting-edge apps. Whatever your business is, if you want to keep up with the tough competition, then you have no choice but to avail the services of an Android app development company to build your feature-rich innovative mobile app.

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With the growing popularity of smartphones, there is a rapid increase in the fame of Android application development market. Today we see – Android is dominating the smartphone sales, and this sales figure is predicted to reach 81.1% by 2019. Be it business through app building or through app sales, Android app market has gained enough customer base over these years.

There are over 200 million smartphone owners in the United States alone. With around
400,000 Android app developers worldwide, Android is the largest app market today.

A good Android development company must be smart and creative enough, must have an extensive experience and popularity when it comes to app making, and must be able to communicate with you openly on costs, the development process and troubleshooting issues. These Android development companies can produce a wide variety of mobile applications and can be trusted to deliver apps on time and across borders. Your business might be growing extremely fast and reaching the point where a mobile app can bring you more, take you to a higher level. In such a scenario, a good Android development company can guide you through the stages of design and development, and at the same time meet all your needs in the app product. It could be a startup, small company, or big enterprise but the purpose remains the same – an app product which will create the foundation of your entire app brand. Android development companies have a well-defined working process and with an understanding of latest technology trend and needs of end-users.

Android development company - Keyideas Infotech

Several Android development companies in the market have demonstrated greatest performance compared to other companies in the market. Though, it would be at times difficult to find an established Android development company to make what you need. But, once you choose an Android development company with a proven track record and a diversified portfolio, consider the below list of things that a good Android development company should provide.

1. Latest Android Trend

Today’s Android development companies have insight into the latest industry-specific development trends which are implemented in the app projects. The adoption of latest trends is quite an important part of the corporate culture and enterprises cannot afford falling back.

2. Availability of experienced Android developer pool

So you do not have to worry about the availability of developers. You have the option to choose from the huge pool of experts from these Android development companies. Android development companies can provide you, not only Android developers but UX/UI specialists who are familiar with the newest designs trends and guidelines.

3. Workshops and Clickable prototypes

It is good to get the first feeling of your future app in the very beginning of the development process, even before the actual development phase. Many of these Android development companies organize workshops, during which they present clickable mockups of the prototype version of the app. Checking out such an app is not only fun but also tells you a lot about the company.

4. Quality Assurance

The very important part of the development process is the testing. You should always verify that the Android development company employs a team of Quality Assurance management Software company, who are capable of performing manual as well as automated tests of the developed app. They should also analyze the app’s responsiveness by examining its performance on various devices - smartphones and tablets.

5. Agile Methodologies

Find out if the Android development company works according to the principals of agile software development. By basing the development process on the sprint cycle, makes the workflow significantly more efficient and lets the team develop a new version of the app every sprint cycle. This allows frequent testing of the app and also gives the scope of providing feedbacks to the Android developers.


These are the most important things that trustworthy android application development companies can give to their clients. The primary aim of the Android development company is to guarantee the satisfaction of all the requirements through Android apps that are built as per their specifications. Android development companies deliver innovative solutions to help their clients continuously stay ahead of the curve by helping businesses to make the most of emerging opportunities and successfully executing their vision in a technology-driven marketplace.