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WordPress Based Web Development of a Financial Advisory Company of UK

Wordpress Based Web Development of a Financial Advisory Company of UK
Client Brief

The UK client wanted to design a PHP based website that would prove to be a comparison site intended to be used as a guide to various income drawdown provider plans. Through the website, the client (specializing in the retirement market) wanted to remove the confusion of finding an income drawdown provider for user’s pension money. In other words, it would be an effort by the client to simplify the key components of each provider on this site, helping users to select the right plan, in this ever-changing landscape.

Our Endeavor

Working on this project we used PHP a powerful platform to build the online store for our UK client, seamlessly integrating the various calculators for easy calculation and management. Our PHP developers integrated the free online drawdown calculators which would allow inputting user’s pension fund value and finding out who offers the best pension drawdown plans. Through the website, the client - constituting of a team of qualified financial advisers, wanted to help users to choose the right income drawdown provider. The website also has a provision to discuss other retirement options so that users can be comfortable that drawdown is the right choice before we recommend the appropriate plan.

Focus Area(s)

Wordpress web development

PHP development


Wordpress web development for the UK based Financial Advisory Company. The Custom affordable Wordpress solution was specially designed, which allows users to research the services offered.

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Wordpress Based Web Development
Financial Advisory Company of UK
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Keyideas developers are very knowledgeable, friendly to work with and ready to help at any time. The team maintained a pleasant business atmosphere throughout their collaboration, all the while demonstrating their creativity and technical skill. The website was well received by users. Keyideas was praised for their quick turnaround time and flexibility.

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