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Tony Chachere banner
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Project Brief

Tony Chachere is a family-owned business from Louisiana, United States. They have grown their seasoning business from the original creole seasoning to the addition of bold and new no-salt blends. Their food products have also exploded to almost everything like creole: marinades, dinner mixes, sandwich sauces, bloody mary mixes, roux, and gravy mixes.

The Louisiana client wanted a retail and e-commerce website that include a recipe ebook and many other features. For a food & beverage website design and development, we built the website using the ASP.NET MVC technology and implemented Bootstrap for UI framework. For an e-commerce website, it is essential to add cart functionality for easy checkout. So we enabled AbleCommerce into the website to provide it with powerful e-commerce content management. Also, the web design has a Quantcast system that gives complete analytical information, audience insights, and measurement about the shoppers to the client.

keyideas work process
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To lay the foundation for the Tony Chachere project, Keyideas meticulously crafted detailed wireframes. These comprehensive blueprints served as a visual roadmap, delineating the structural and design elements of the website. This meticulous planning phase was instrumental in ensuring an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Wireframes skelton product listing
Wireframes single product view
Wireframes compact view

Product Listing Page and Filters

Keyideas revolutionized the product listing experience by strategically organizing items into sections and subsections. This dynamic organization, coupled with intuitive filters, empowered users to refine their searches effortlessly. The result was an enhanced and personalized shopping journey, contributing to overall user satisfaction.

Product Listing Page and Filters
Product view card

Product Detail Page

The Product Detail Page emerged as a focal point of the project, meticulously designed to provide users with a captivating and informative experience. Keyfeatures such as top-selling items, and the incorporation of the Creole club for newsletters and updates were seamlessly integrated to enhance engagement and showcase the brand’s unique offerings.

Product Detail Page
Product preparation information

Payment and Cart Page

The e-commerce functionality received meticulous attention, with Keyideas implementing AbleCommerce to streamline the cart and payment processes. Multiple payment options, including the convenience of Paypal, were seamlessly integrated, ensuring a secure and flexible checkout experience for customers.

Tc Payment and Cart Page

Responsive Designs

A cornerstone of Keyideas’ approach was the commitment to a responsive design. This strategic decision ensured that the Tony Chachere website would provide a seamless and visually appealing experience across a diverse range of devices, including desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.

Tc Responsive Designs


The culmination of Keyideas Infotech’s dedicated efforts was the creation of an exceptional e-commerce website for Tony Chachere. With a customer-centric and data-driven approach, coupled with an agile development process, the website not only optimized conversion rates but also delivered unparalleled performance. Tony Chachere’s brand was effectively showcased, reflecting a perfect blend of technology, design, and commitment to customer satisfaction.

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