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Our client from the USA required a PHP-based Dental website – a marketing platform associating sellers and buyers of dental practices in a single spot. The website is to make an advantage state for anybody to purchase or sell dental practices. The motive was to bring all the pieces and parts of a Dental Practice Transaction to one spot. Through the PHP website, the client wanted to give a simple exploring platform for dentists to discover their ideal objective and practice. Plus, the website would likewise render a decent environment for selling their works.

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Keyideas aims to provide remarkable service to the client with easy-to-navigate websites and apps in a definite period. We are known for building the best user experience websites. The website we designed to sell the dentist practices connects with a nationwide audience. In the “Sell Your Practices” section of the website, the dentists can list down the service they provide and intend to sell. Thus, gaining more patients to their clinic by listing the information about their practice across the United States. Moreover, a free value calculator is also provided at the request of the client to calculate the value of the profits that the dentist will receive after registering on the website. A free value calculator is also provided on the request of the 4salebydenstist to calculate the value of the profits that the dentist will get after registering on the website.


Our team dedicated an entire section to the buy membership where one can register for the membership of 4salebydentist and claim to provide more leads, weekly new listing updates, & targeted cold calling campaigns to connect the buyers and sellers extensively. Our added video segment provides knowledge regarding finding a new dental practice to buy, the basics of 4salebydentist, the purchase price of a dental practice, and how that price is determined. The site additionally permits representatives to be related to the website that directs the way. Furthermore, the client needed to give valuations, the board of deals, and other counseling administrations to buy and sell dental practices. Thus, it was possible through the website.

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