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Project Brief

In the dynamic landscape of Portugal’s financial sector, Compare Mercado emerged as a key player, specializing in comparing insurance, credit, and telecommunication prices. Seeking innovation, the client envisioned a cutting-edge website to serve as a centralized hub, allowing users to effortlessly compare a spectrum of offerings, including dental and car insurance, life insurance, credit cards, and hotels.

Our mission was to embark on the development of a bespoke web design, leveraging PHP technology, to bring this vision to life. The goal was to create an intuitive and user-friendly platform that streamlines the comparison process, providing users with a comprehensive and engaging experience.

This project presented a unique opportunity to marry technological expertise with user-centric design, revolutionizing how individuals approach and navigate financial decisions in the Portuguese market.

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Wireframing Ideation for Mercado

Embarking on the design journey for Compare Mercado, we delved into the essential phase of wireframing ideation. Here, our focus was on conceptualizing the layout, visualizing user flows, and outlining interactive elements. The goal was to craft a user-centric blueprint that seamlessly guided users through the comparison process.

By prioritizing intuitive navigation and strategic information placement, we aimed to create a wireframe that not only reflects the client’s vision but also anticipates user needs. This initial ideation laid the foundation for a design that harmoniously blends functionality and aesthetics, promising a streamlined and engaging user experience.

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ideation for mercado product-listing
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Streamlined Comparison: Path to User-Centric Excellence

Addressing the challenge of making complex comparisons simple, we designed and implemented features that streamlined the comparison process on Compare Mercado. Focused on readability and user-friendly interfaces, our developers built a comparator that effortlessly compares products after users fill in details.

This user-centric approach simplified decision-making, offering users the ideal product and service through an easy-to-navigate platform. The implementation of features like comparison tools not only met but exceeded user expectations, establishing Compare Mercado as a go-to destination for seamless and effective financial comparisons.


Strategic Content Flexibility: Empowering Evolution

In response to the dynamic nature of financial offerings, we implemented strategic content flexibility for Compare Mercado. The self-service website model allowed for seamless updates, ensuring the platform stays abreast of evolving products and services.

By providing tools for constant content adaptation, we empowered Compare Mercado to remain a reliable source for users seeking up-to-date and relevant financial comparisons.


Process Optimization: Iterative Refinement

Throughout the development journey of Compare Mercado, iterative refinements were instrumental in optimizing the process.

User feedback loops played a pivotal role, allowing us to adapt wireframing ideation and responsive design strategies based on real-time user experiences. This iterative approach ensured that the platform not only met but exceeded evolving user expectations.


Refining Mercado Through Real-Time Insights

User feedback played a pivotal role in shaping the evolution of Compare Mercado. By incorporating real-time insights gathered through user interactions, the platform underwent continuous refinement. The iterative process allowed us to adapt wireframing ideation and responsive design strategies based on user preferences and behaviors.


Responsive Design Implementation

In response to the diverse ways users access digital platforms, we prioritized the implementation of responsive design for Compare Mercado. Our approach aimed to ensure a seamless and visually appealing experience across devices, with a particular focus on mobile optimization.

By optimizing for various screen sizes and maintaining cross-browser compatibility, we sought to enhance accessibility.



The implementation of readable content enhancements significantly elevated customer ratings, indicating a noticeable improvement in user experience. Users reported that these improvements facilitated quicker access to information, streamlining their search for answers.

Consequently, this positive reception translated into an increase in both ratings and reviews, reflecting the tangible impact of prioritizing readability on customer satisfaction and engagement.

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