Mobile App Development and Marketing Mistakes

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10 Jul, 2015

Mobile App Marketing Strategies

Marketing a mobile application requires strategies that are different than the traditional method of marketing an app. However, some of the common mistakes an app marketer make are to rely on traditional advertising agencies or marketing firms that may not have specialized skills and expertise in the relevant field that are unique to mobile app marketing.

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From an advertiser’s perspective, it has been found by most successful app marketers that it is always beneficial to rely on an outside partner who specializes in mobile app marketing and who only creates strategies in the interests of the advertisers.

Mobile App Marketing Mistakes

Even if your company website needs to be mobile-friendly, an app still offers a superior user experience. Applications come with important features like push notifications and geotargeting, are quicker for mobile users, and have less distractions. Check out these mobile app benefits if you’re debating whether to construct a mobile app for your company in order to convince yourself that it’s worth the time and money.

Not Understanding the Target Audience

While developing an app, ignoring your target audience might result in expensive mistakes, therefore it’s crucial to consider who will be utilizing your offering.

Poor User Interface Design (UI/UX)

A mobile app’s success may be hampered by subpar UI/UX. Maintaining people’ interest in and satisfaction with your product depends on an intuitive and user-friendly design.

Lack of Testing

Any successful mobile app launch requires testing, and ignoring this stage might result in an expensive error.

Not Optimizing Mobile Apps for Performance

While creating a mobile application, it is essential to optimize your code for speed and efficiency because poor performance can result in dissatisfied users and low ratings.

Adding Too Many Features

Too many components could prove to be an expensive oversight, possibly creating an application that is difficult to use and maintain.

Why do you Need a Mobile App Marketing Strategy?

It all begins with failing to identify your ideal clients and attempting to connect with and nurture everyone. As previously stated, you should have a strategy and USP in place to triumph over the fierce competition.

Another error in developing custom mobile applications is failing to have an MVP. Your software will be in an MVP stage when it just has the essential functionality, allowing you to launch it, test its usability, get user feedback, and make further customizations.


So the bottom line is app marketers and developers need to execute a planned strategy before working on any marketing strategy. One should not stay away from app store optimization at any level. Also, one must not forget to do the due diligence for a mobile app keeping the user requirement at the forefront while developing and marketing the app reaping the full benefit for the investment made. Unleash the Power of Xamarin with Our App Development Company.

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