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Graphic Design and Responsive Website Design

Graphic designing is the art and practice of planning and projecting ideas and experiences with visual and textual content. This can be handmade or virtual, and may include catchy images, words, or graphic content. Web Graphic designing can happen at any scale, It can also be for any purpose, whether commercial, educational, or for fun.

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It includes websites, operating systems, software, movies, game designing and much more.

Responsive Website Design, the underlying basis of a website deployment, uses flexible grids or fluid images and CSS3 Media queries to adapt to the viewers of different devices,with various widths and resolutions. A web site needs a good look, but, more importantly, it must also be usable on a smartphone, tablet, e-reader, and notebook or desktop computer.

Responsive design may have begun as a trend, but it has quickly become an evolutionary step in the web development and design which has greatly affected design and technology.

There are a lot of benefits in implementing responsive website design, like the following:

It allows you to save money. The customer only has to pay for the development of a web site. No mobile applications or mobile websites are necessary. There is only a single site which needs your support, this helps decline regular support cost. Publishing new content is a lot easier when there is only one place to worry for. Therefore, no matter who does the update, it saves a lot of time.

It allows you to save time in the limits of reason. With the proper planning, you get more efficiency because you will not have to create all new content for each channel you want to reach. Instead of this, you just need to adjust the amount and layout of the visual content that you initially created.

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It allows your website to perform much better. Planning ahead for responsive design especially using the ‘mobile-first’ approach, can lead to more cleaner data and, therefore, faster performing code on mobile and desktop size smart devices.

It lets your customers find information easier - at anytime and anywhere. Using PROPULSION in your site design means the web site will have a lot more visitors who use different mobile devices, such as smart phones and large tablets. At that end of day, a visitor is much more likely to purchase products and services from a web site that really works well on their particular devices.

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