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A 5-Step Plan to Optimize Your Ecommerce Website

An excellent approach to optimizing your eCommerce website is to follow the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle, a four-step quality improvement cycle to which a fifth element, Observe, is added, giving you a five-step OPDCA plan of attack.

Applying Observe, Plan, Do, Check, Act

Each step can be broken down into topic-related steps. Here are five you can apply to each of the five improvement steps to optimize your website.

Keep Up With the Times

A significant and growing percentage of online purchases are now being made from mobile devices. You can make the transition from a transitional to a responsive website design or develop a second website to attract mobile customers. Incorporating a responsive design enables your pages to fit nicely on a mobile display. You still may have to redesign some pages that, while looking great on a PC monitor, lose much of their appeal on a smaller screen.

eCommerce Conversion Optimizations

Keep It Clean

A cardinal sin to avoid is having a website that lacks information, but website pages that feature an overload of information are not much of an improvement. Bright red, large font size, screaming headlines have a tendency to first attract, and then repel, a visitor. The same is true of images that flash or blink, and continue to do so, while the reader is trying to focus on what you are saying. Find a pleasing balance between text, images, and blank space.

Make Navigation Intuitive

If a visitor gets lost, you've lost a visitor. You want to make it easy for visitors to find your home page again, but not because they are struggling to find what they are looking for. When you link to another page, make certain it is obvious from the link text, where your visitor will be going. Most visitors will leave if they are sent to the wrong page more than once. For some, once is enough.

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Make Product Images Attractive

When you are relying on a manufacturers’ images, you may not have much choice, but use the best image or photo of a product you can get your hands on. When appropriate, show the product actually in use. Make every pixel a selling point.

Show Your Credentials

The About page should say something about who you are, where your business is located, who your target audience is (your huge base of satisfied customers) and an invitation to visit your social media profiles and browse through your testimonials and product reviews. Make certain they are honest and objective.

Following a five-step plan makes a great deal of sense, but the areas you select to work on can be crucial. Applying the steps mentioned here to any of the five topics listed should result in meaningful improvement. Keep the steps in mind and expand the number of topics to include any area that appears to be important, and you will do fine.

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